Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Due Date Day!

Today was my official due date! My due date was always kind of irrelevant - Maddie was always measuring a week behind, and then it felt like every time I would go to the doctor they'd move my c-section date up, but today marks the full 40 weeks of pregnancy nonetheless :-)

I am going to celebrate today by posting Miss Maddie's birth announcement - I have been hearing reports that the printed announcements made it into mailboxes today so hopefully I am not posting a spoiler, NBC Olympics style.



Lisa Elaine said...

Yay Madeline! So I'm headed to my next doctors appointment on Tuesday. Will you be around lunch time? I'm supposed to have my appt at 9:00. Usually I'm out within an hour but there is a random chance I end up being there for hours because he is at a delivery. So I never really know. Let me know if you want a visitor. If you are a too busy I understand too, no worries!

T.J. said...

She's beautiful! Congrats!