Monday, August 6, 2012

Maddie's One Month Old!

Our beautiful Maddie-girl is ONE month old today! It's still weird to think about how she should still be inside my belly, but we are so glad that she's here and she is thriving!!





There isn't a whole lot to report. She eats and sleeps a lot, and she goes through a lot of diapers. But our little peanut is thankfully starting to fill out, and I estimate that she is somewhere around the 5 lb mark now. We go on Wednesday for a weight check so I am very interested to see what that scale says! She is still in preemie clothes but starting to edge her way into some of the bigger preemie and smaller newborn clothes that we have. We did move Maddie into newborn-size diapers just yesterday, mostly because we already have a bunch of them and I was tired of going to Target to buy the preemie-size (Target is the only store around here that reliably has the preemie size stocked and I never thought far enough ahead to order them online!).

When we got home from the hospital, Steve happened to mention to SuSu that we were having a hard time finding small preemie hats, so she stayed up late one night to knit Maddie some! Isn't this one cute?


Miss Maddie is starting to be awake for a little longer at a time - up until recently, she would basically only wake up to eat and then she would conk right back out again. Now she will stare at all of us, and poke her head up when I have her lying on my chest for some tummy time. Maddie even watched a few seconds of the Olympics the other night ;-). She has the prettiest dark blue eyes and I keep trying to catch them on camera. I think she definitely looks more like Steve, especially those eyes! She also loves bath time - I bathe her in the sink and I keep her in there as long as the water stays warm because she seems to enjoy it!

First bath!


Happy girl!

It took us a couple of weeks to get everything calmed down and caught up, and to settle into a routine. Some days still feel a little chaotic between Anna's schedule and Maddie's needs, but I think we are doing a pretty darn good job now that we've got our feet under us. I can't even begin to say how appreciative we were of all of the meals and goodies and gifts that were dropped off at the house - the dinners and breakfasts were seriously such a relief for us and we had no idea going into it how much those meals would help. And it was SO touching to open the mailbox and see boxes full of adorable preemie clothes (and even some gifts for Anna!), especially because we had so few outfits coming home from the hospital. So to everyone who cooked for us or shopped for us, THANK YOU!!!




Speaking of our new routine, we have also started venturing out of the house - with both kids!! We generally start our day with breakfast, then Stevo heads to work and I pack up the girls and go to the park for a little bit before it gets too hot. Then we come home, eat lunch, Anna takes a nap (and I try to take a nap too - this momma is more than a little sleep deprived!), and then we have a few hours to play and clean before dinner, bath time, and bedtime. Anna goes to bed fairly late now, between 8 and 9, so I have just an hour or two to relax and cuddle with my sweet new baby before it's time to hit the hay. Although I have so much fun with Anna during the day and I love being able to interact with her so much, I do very much cherish the time that I get to spend alone with Maddie - with my feet up after a long day, and that cuddly little girl curled up on my chest. She is just so happy to be held and snuggled, and I am happy to oblige!! On the weekends, Steve and I have started using a "divide and conquer" strategy - he gets some Daddy/Daughter time with Bean and I take Maddie to do the grocery shopping and errands.

These pictures were all from the one day that I pulled out my good camera to try and get a picture for Maddie's birth announcements. They were too cute not to share!!





Now that she has gotten a little bit bigger, I have felt comfortable moving Maddie into a wrap carrier, which has made getting to cuddle with her throughout the day infinitely easier. I am able to wear her to the park and out running errands, and even just around the house as we work and play. It also helps keep her away from curious toddler hands, although Anna still gets plenty of opportunities for baby kisses and hugs. Anna has also started helping me burp Maddie - what big sister wouldn't like the chance to smack her little sister on the back??




The other fun thing about getting out of the house again is that Maddie is quite the center of attention. People are always coming up to talk to me and to sneak a peek at her in the wrap or car seat. And I joke that there might be a Madeline-inspired baby boom, because I keep getting told that she causes some serious baby cravings!



I think that's just about it for this month's post - I've got a couple of more posts coming (they're starting to get backlogged in my brain!!) including a picture post, so I'm sure you all will get your fill of the Forbes family soon!

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