Monday, August 6, 2012

Product Post

Moms who are about to join the "2 Under 2" club always ask what they need to buy, and I had been asking the same questions!! Luckily for us, we had almost everything we needed from Anna's babyhood so we didn't have to buy much, but we did add a few things to our baby collection and I thought it would be good to share.

Arm's Reach Co-sleeper 

We actually didn't even have to purchase this, my awesome friend Kelly loaned us hers since she is out of the newborn phase for the time being. Even though we have the crib in our room, I love this co-sleeper because I can pull it right up to the side of the bed (we left the side up, so it's more a bassinet than a co-sleeper right now). It also has wheels, so I have found it handy to be able to wheel Miss Maddie into the bathroom while I shower, or into the nursery while I put away laundry or take care of Anna. It is very nice having a safe and portable place to put the baby down while we're upstairs, so I highly recommend this co-sleeper!

Baby K'Tan Breeze Carrier

You might remember from Anna's babyhood that I was a huge fan of the Moby wrap (and still am!!). That style of wrap is perfect for preemies and newborns. However, now that we are on the go and outside a lot, and I am usually taking care of a toddler, I was interested in trying a wrap that had similar holds as a Moby but didn't require the tying aspect. I wavered on buying this wrap for ages but I am so happy I bought it. It was a little tricky trying to guess what size I needed, because Madeline was still so small and there wasn't a store nearby that I could try it on, so I ordered two sizes from Amazon and went with the one that felt the best and returned the other one. It is super simple to put on, and this particular Breeze style has a soft mesh side as well as a regular cotton side, making it a little bit cooler to wear. So Moms of preemies or newborns, I  recommend checking out the Moby or the K'tan. And make sure to check Craigslist and consignment stores, because I see them both on there frequently!

Baby Doll

Anna's baby doll was actually a gift from SuSu, and we already had her doll stroller from Christmas. I have loved having this because Anna can take care of her "babby" (rhymes with Gabby) while I take of Madeline. The particular doll that Anna has is the Bitty Baby from American Girl, and it has a little bottle and even a little cloth diaper. This is a great way to help Anna feel included and to help her participate in the day-to-day process of taking care of a newborn.  

Double Stroller

After a trip to the mall with both girls and I ended up carrying my 26 pound toddler while wrestling an over-packed diaper bag and a stroller with a car seat on it, I finally bit the bullet and bought a stroller. Since Anna pretty much hates riding in the stroller, I opted for a Sit-and-Stand style stroller and I went with the Joovy Caboose. Am I madly in love with this stroller? No. But it handles surprisingly well, and it was a great price, and I didn't have to buy a separate car seat adapter, and it was by far my favorite sit-and-stand that I test-drove. Anna seems to enjoy sitting and standing on it. I am very hopeful that by the fall, Anna can be persuaded to sit in a double jogging stroller, but for right now, this stroller is great for running errands and trips to the mall, and hopefully the zoo and the aquarium!

Amazon Mom/Amazon Prime

If you haven't signed up for this program yet, do it! Amazon Mom gets you discounts on products like diapers, wipes, etc. and you can even sign up for a handy Subscribe and Save program through Amazon Mom that gets you further discounts. After the discounts, Anna's diapers are $4-$5 cheaper than Target, which is bigger than any coupon discount I've seen. The biggest advantage that we have found though is the free 2-day shipping on pretty much everything we need. We had this with Anna but I appreciate it even more now, because it saves me a ton of trips to the store. And anybody that has to load up a kiddo (or two) and cajole them into not having a tantrum while you're shopping knows that a saved trip is priceless!! The last time I checked, new Amazon Mom members got a few months of Prime for free, and I also believe they had some kind of special where if you are a student, you also got more months for free, but I don't know if that's still going on. We pay full price for the Prime membership and for us, it's definitely worth it!

The only other thing left on our eventual to-purchase list is another camera for the video monitors, but we don't really need it until Anna gets moved into her big-girl room and Maddie gets moved into the nursery.

See? Not too much extra stuff needed :-). Other moms of 2 under 2, any other things that you bought?

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Kelly said...

I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought a double stroller I found at a consignment sale this week. It's a Graco and even though it weighs a TON it was compatible with our infant seat and handles really well. Definitely need to look into the K'Tan. I have a moby but don't care for the endless amounts of fabric and the Bjorn kills my back!