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23 Months!!

August 23, 2012

Our darling Banana Bean is 23 months old today - we're almost to 2! I can't believe I only have one more month update for Anna...when I first started these, 24 felt so far away. I will have to figure out how to keep you all updated on her various developments!!

This month has been a bit of a blur. Maddie is fussier than Anna was at this age (well...from what I can remember. Maybe every 2nd time mom says that, haha) so between taking care of her and attempting to take care of the house, and keeping Anna active and happy - our days pass very quickly. I am thankful for every minute though, even if I am also wanting to pull my hair out!



Anna has gotten very independent at the playgrounds, which is wonderful. I think I've mentioned that our neighborhood has an awesome little playground that is just perfect for her, and we spend most mornings there letting her run around and climb and jump and play in the sand. Even if we are there by ourselves, she is always coming up with a new little game or new way to play, and it is so much fun to watch. The other day she braved the tire swing for the first time, and she was definitely a little dizzy when she got down!!



Ever since Maddie came home, we've relaxed our "no TV" policy and she has fallen head over heels in love with Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse. Anna's face lights up when it's time for the shows and she starts requesting "Elmo! Ernie! Mi-Mouse!" She even found herself a little boyfriend at the mall playground the other day when she pointed out his Elmo shirt. They bonded over their Elmo love and he followed her around like a puppy the whole time we were there. We are also slowly trying to teach Bean some of the other big Disney characters, in hopes that when we go to Disney World she will have a few favorites. So far she knows Mickey and Minnie, and she can name several of the princesses from her books. Ariel is her current favorite and it's so cute to hear her say "Ayiel"!



Bean is such a chatterbox these days. She can count to ten (well...usually. She gets a little creative with the order), name a bunch of colors, name out body parts, and name clothes. Anna will also happily announce "Eat!!!!" when she's hungry, which is very nice. She will also request milk or water, or "bite" or "try" off of Mommy's plate. 




She is still obsessed with the "babby" and is still always trying to help. Her new funny thing that she is doing is she will run up to Maddie, steal her blanket or her paci, and then when Maddie starts fussing, she'll give it back with this smug smile like she is being SUCH a big helper, haha. Oh, and the other hilarious thing she is doing is if they are both in the car and Maddie starts crying, Anna will plug her ears with her fingers!!


If our bathroom scale is to be believed, Anna is 25.5 pounds. She is edging her way into the 2T sizes although a bunch of the 2T pants fall right off of her. Anybody know where I can buy some toddler belts? I also finally stopped trying to wedge her feet into her summer sandals, and we bought her new shoes for the fall.


Speaking of fall, there is a hint of cooler weather in the mornings here in Atlanta and it has me getting even more excited for the fall season. We have been trying to get all of our swimming in before it gets too cold, and we have also been making out our activity list for when this heat gets outta here. I am so excited to get back to the zoo, and I would also love to take Anna back to Tanglewood Farm (with Stevo, this time!). We are also planning to go back to apple orchards, and also to one of the bigger pumpkin patches nearby, once Steve's fall busy season is wrapped up.

As you probably already figured out, I decided to hold off on preschool/mother's morning out. I am pretty confident that I will want to enroll her in some kind of 2 day a week program in January if there are spots open, but for now we are happy and just enjoying the time at home together. I really went back and forth on it but the fact is, she wasn't ready for it and I didn't want to push it and make her first school experience a negative one. We are doing some things in the meantime to help make the transition easier, so wish us luck!!

Here are some videos that I took that are hilarious to me and Steve, hope you guys enjoy too:

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