Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Anna Bean!

Happy birthday to my beautiful Banana Bean!! She is TWO years old today, what a big girl! I am going to do a separate 24 Month Update post because I have a ton of pictures, so this post will be solely about the birthday girl.


We decided to skip a party this year - we did a big party last year and although it was so much fun and you guys know I love to throw a party, I just have way too much going on right now. I kept giving myself guilt trips over it for the last two months, especially when all the other little girls in her playgroup had parties, but I am SO relieved that I didn't decide to throw one. Even a little party right now would have been a massive stress fest and I am so happy that we could put 100% of the attention onto Bean. We were also battling awful colds this week, and I think having everyone over would have been too much for my poor little sickie!

Well, even though we didn't have a party, I really wanted this day to be special for Anna. She is currently in love with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so we decided to give the day a Minnie theme.

This is what the birthday girl woke up to on her big day! She LOVED it and immediately ran over saying "Min Mouse!" and playing with her place mat favors. The balloons kept her occupied while I cooked breakfast...maybe I should blow up balloons every day!! She also loved her balloon-decorated "princess chair". This set up was totally stress-free - I had almost everything already in my party stockpiles (isn't stockpiling a much nicer word than hoarding? lol) so all I had to buy were the helium balloons and the little place mat favors. Anna never figured out how to work the kazoo but she loved it when I played "Happy Birthday" to her on it.



Birthday breakfast was Minnie Mouse pancakes and eggs and bacon - her favorites!



After breakfast, we packed up the girls and headed to one of Anna's favorite places in Atlanta - the zoo! We were pleasantly surprised to find it not very crowded, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. We hadn't been there in a while, so it was fun to see how much Anna has progressed with identifying all the animals. Her favorite area today was the giraffe enclosure although she also enjoyed the elephants and the baby gorilla.








Maddie dressed for the day too, what a good sister :-).



Anna conked out in the car on the way home, and this is what greeted her after her nap! And no, those are not all from us - Poppy and SuSu sent a trunk load of presents home with Steve last week. Thank you Poppy and SuSu!


Auntie Ally and Baby Daniel came over to enjoy some birthday cupcakes and to help open presents. Auntie Ally gave Anna a copy of  The Lion King to add to her movie collection, and I think Steve was more excited to watch it than the birthday girl!







We wrapped up the night by playing with her new toys and cooking her favorite chicken nuggets for dinner. Anna also stayed highly amused by having me blow up a balloon, counting to three and then letting it go to watch it fly around the room. She would immediately go to fetch it and ask "More?? More?? Again! Peese?"






It was a long but fun day, and we hope our darling 2 year old enjoyed it!

Happy Birthday, Anna!!!

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