Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Hard to be a Toddler Sometimes

Today Anna woke up with an awful cough and she just wasn't feeling well, so we postponed her Gymboree class and camped out at home for the day. She seemed content to hang out on the couch and in her playroom for most of the day, but when she ran to the front door and asked "Mail? Walk?" I decided that it might be a good idea to get the girls out for some fresh air. Anna has loved wearing her monkey backpack leash for a little walk around the neighborhood (we usually just go down to the next cul-de-sac and back), so she lets me put on Monkey (after she hugs and kisses it, of course) and we go outside.


Well, we get halfway down the street, and everything's going great. Until a car pulls into the driveway next to where we are standing, and Anna somehow decides that Daddy is inside that car. And she is MAD that I won't let her go see Daddy. She goes into full toddler meltdown mode, screaming "Daaaaaaddeeeeeeeeee!!!" and reaching for the car. The car doesn't even look like one of ours! I try to explain to her that Daddy is at home and we can go see him, and doesn't she see our house down the street??


You can imagine how that went for me. My pleas for her to stand up and walk like a big girl also fell on deaf ears. I had to carry/drag/pull her the entire way home, while also holding Maddie, and she's screaming for Daddy the entire freaking time. Steve has to come out to the front part of the basement and pick her up before she realizes that Daddy is in fact, right there, and not down the street in the green car.

Even after all that, she refused to take off Monkey or her tennis shoes until it was time to eat dinner. And she insisted on sitting next to Mommy while we ate, so I guess I am back in her favor!


Adventures with Little man said...

No fun! I just wrote a post about this excatly!

Lisa Elaine said...

Goodness, your little diva! Anna N is starting early...