Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Little Thief

The other day, Anna was bouncing off the walls but we had already missed the morning not-hot time, so I decided to take her to the mall playground. We walk in and discover that the playground was a zoo, so I opted to take the girls into the Disney store for "just" a quick visit to get Maddie some Minnie clothes since they didn't have her size on their website. I naively thought that Anna would behave herself since we would be in there for "only a minute".  You would think after two years of this I would have known better, but nope.

Well, we get inside and she starts going on a shopping spree. I was handed a giant Mickey Mouse doll, a giant Cinderella doll, three of the same Minnie Mouse jackets, and several hair bows. Damn Disney store for putting everything on kid level!! Then while I was putting everything back, she starts pulling all of the books down onto the floor. I finally find Maddie's size in the onesies I wanted, and then quickly pick out a Minnie Mouse lunchbox (on clearance!) for Anna. She is thrilled with her new lunchbox and she insists on carrying it up to the checkout line.

We are next in line, and the checkout lady is taking FOREVER. Anna is getting increasingly antsy, and then before I can stop her, she BOLTS out of the store. Like flat out, Olympic sprinter BOLTS. I cringe as she runs through the Disney doors, but luckily no embarrassing alarm goes off. I toss Maddie's stuff down and start the chase. Anna runs across the mall hallway to Baby Gap, where she dashes to the back of the store and under the door of a locked dressing room. Squealing and swinging that damn lunchbox the entire time. I don't know whether to laugh or be absolutely mortified, so I do a little of both.

A Gap associate with the room key is nowhere to be seen, so I edge my way down to my knees (I have Maddie strapped to me in her carrier), and crawl under the door enough to grab Anna's leg and pull her out. I wrestle her out of Baby Gap just in time to see a Disney employee picking up Maddie's clothes and looking confused, and to see us marching back across the hallway with the purloined lunchbox. I told Anna she was going to Baby Jail.


Anna proceeds to pitch a temper tantrum the entire time we're checking out, and I finally agree to buy the stupid Cinderella pre-release copy just so I can grab my stuff and go. The good news is that Maddie now has some cute clothes and Anna has a cute lunchbox. The bad news is that I will now have to go back to the Disney store to get the movie. Needless to say, I will be doing that trip solo!!!!

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Kathryn said...

This made me laugh, thanks for keepin' it real.