Saturday, October 6, 2012

3 Months Old!

Our Maddie Claire Bear is three months old today!!




Every day Miss Maddie gets more and more alert and aware of what's going on around her. She loves watching her crazy big sister playing and she is generally pretty content to just go along for the ride, especially if she gets to ride in the carrier next to her mommy.


We had a big breakthrough with her happiness and comfort levels this month and it has made ALL of our lives easier. After the reflux medicine proved to not make much of a difference in our poor girl, I decided to start an elimination diet for myself to see if something in the breast milk was making her sick. Dairy is generally recommended to be the first thing to cut, and I admit I was a little intimidated. We eat a lot of dairy between milk, cheese and yogurt, so I was pretty apprehensive that I could do it. When I mentioned wanting to try it, my helpful husband said that he would go dairy-free too in support of my efforts. So we went cold turkey on the obvious sources of dairy and within a few days, Maddie was a completely different baby. Our suspicions were confirmed when Steve gave Maddie a bottle of milk from the freezer that I had pumped pre-no-dairy and had forgotten to toss, and she was screaming the whole night. Now, she still fusses if I put her down, but the all-day-screaming-in-my-face is totally gone. Thank God, because Mommy's nerves were getting a little frayed!! Maddie seems so much more comfortable now and is a much happier baby, and I am glad that we finally could help her feel better!!


The other really nice thing this month is that she finally started liking the Ergo carrier. It is much more comfortable to wear than the cheapie Snugli that she used to like as a newborn, and keeps her much more secure. So she spends most of her day happily snuggled up against me in her Ergo, and it also has the added bonus of keeping her away from her very exuberant big sister.



Speaking of her very exuberant big sister, our biggest struggle nowadays is keeping Anna away from and off of Maddie. Today Anna earned herself a record 7 time-outs, and most of them were a result of her trying to climb into Maddie's rocker or play mat or otherwise harassing her baby sister. I love that Anna is so interested in her baby sister and so eager to play with her, but it would be great if I could put Maddie down without worrying that she will get squashed or trampled.


Miss Maddie is a fantastic sleeper and generally sleeps through the night. After we get Anna finally moved into her new room, we are planning to put the nursery back together, although I admit I am not in a huge rush to move Maddie out of our room.

My absolute favorite news for this month is that we have been getting the sweetest smiles!! I used to love Anna's big, open, toothless grins and I was beyond thrilled to see that same smile on Maddie. I haven't been quick enough with the camera yet to catch one but I hope there will be plenty of photo documentation soon!!

Maddie is in size 1 diapers and her wardrobe is a mix of newborn, 0-3 months, and even some 3 month clothes. The outfit that she's wearing in her month pictures is one of my favorites of Anna's, I am so happy to see Maddie wearing it!




I think that's just about all the news from this month, see y'all again soon!


Kelly said...

Wow! Good for you for being able to cut out dairy cold turkey. Isn't it amazing what we do for these little babies? Hopefully life will be much better now and Miss M will be much happier :)

Lisa Elaine said...

Wow- no dairy for you guys? I know it's a little crazy. One thing about dairy elimination (you probably already know this) is that you have to avoid it completely, because even a little bit of dairy can cause the protein to stay in your milk for a couple of weeks. Glad she is feeling better and I can totaly relate to non-dairy cooking situation! And 7 time outs- I'm impressed! Anna N had 6 TOs the other day and that was a record for her- I was about to pull my hair out by the end of the day! :)