Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Berry Patch Farm

My moms' group takes a trip every year to a somewhat-local pumpkin patch called Berry Patch Farm, and this year was so much fun! What a difference a year makes - last year Anna was just starting to toddle around and this year, she was running all over the patch looking for the best pumpkin! She also took her duties of finding a pumpkin for the baby VERY seriously, and many options were thrown back into the patch before she settled on her two favorite pumpkins to take home with us. Anna was excited to show Daddy her pumpkin and she's been carrying it around with her all day so I guess she found a winner!




I had my hands full with the girls so I didn't stress about trying to get any good pictures, but I was thrilled to find some cute ones on my phone anyway! 



The highlight of the trip was the hayride. The owners of the farm run a hayride behind one of their tractors that winds all around the farm and ends up at the pumpkin patch. As we were loading up, Anna was delighted to see their big golden retriever standing nearby, and then she was even more delighted when the dog ran alongside the hayride the whole way. He brought one of his toys and played in the pumpkin patch while the kids found their pumpkins, so Anna took a break every few minutes to point out the doggie. Bean finally got close enough to pet him right at the end, and you should have seen the smile on her face!



Anna also tried cider for the first time and I was surprised to find that it was a success! We don't let her drink juice and she usually isn't interested in it anyway, but after an experimental sip of the cider, the little cup didn't last long!


Steve and I are taking the girls to one of the bigger pumpkin patches this weekend, but we still enjoyed our low-key and relaxed visit to Berry Patch Farm!


Post-pumpkins snack

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