Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Motherly Musings

I am pretty sure everyone on Facebook now owns a bubble necklace.

There are few things more eyeroll-inducing than hearing two moms trying to one-up each other on the playground benches.

I just realized that Anna's Violet dog is still playing Christmas music. This is the kiddo version of leaving your lights up all year, isn't it??

I am pretty sure I could put Anna in an empty padded room and she would still find some way to injure herself.

The quickest way to get the universe to laugh at you is to publicly announce one of the following phrases: "I definitely brought enough diapers." "I really need a good night's sleep tonight." "I have a lot to do during Anna's nap today."

An advantage to having little kids is that if the day isn't going well, you can just put them all to bed and start over after nap time. Think this will still work when they are teenagers?


Kelly said...

Do you mean like actual blowing bubbles on a necklace?

Sarah said...

haha no, they are colored and have big round beads! They are super popular apparently and they are cute.