Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 Months Old!

Our darling Maddie is 4 months old today, and smiles galore!!!

(Side Note - I just realized I never took 4 month pictures today so I will do that first thing in the morning and put them in here. Now you have to read my blog twice, haha).





Maddie still throws up on me pretty much all the time, but she has turned into such a happy baby ever since I cut out dairy from my diet. Her favorite places to be are either snuggled up next to Mommy or playing on her play mat, when big sister is not in the room! Maddie has also started to like sitting up, so I keep her propped up on my lap a lot so she can watch her sister and the dog...the two best sources of entertainment in the house!


Zombie baby


She smiles ALL the time at us...I love seeing her react to our baby talk and our songs. She even charmed all of the nurses at my OB/GYN's office on Monday when I went back for a check-up - all the nurses stopped in to see her and she smiled at every single one of them and one even got a giggle and a kick!




Maddie is growing like a weed and is in 3-6 Months clothes. I even put her in a 6 months outfit today and it wasn't enormous on her. Nothing makes me realize how fast these kids grow up than having to do a closet clean-out of clothes that don't fit anymore!!




The big development this month is that we've finally settled into some nicknames for this little girl. She picked all of them - we keep using ones that she gives us the biggest smiles for, so her official nicknames are Princess, Sweetpea, and Maddie Magoo. The last one came about from Steve - he calls the girls the Bozo Brigade, and Anna is Bozo Magee and Maddie is Bozo Magoo (terms of endearment here, people). The first time I heard him call Maddie that I laughed and cooed at her "aww Maddie Magoooooo!" and she gave me the biggest baby belly laugh. I call her Pumpkin too, but that one is pretty interchangeable between both girls.

I can't remember if I blogged this picture before or just on Facebook so sorry if it's a repeat.



I love this video - Itsy Bitsy Spider got cut short because Anna was climbing on me, but you'll get to see Maddie enjoying one of her favorite songs!

Happy 4 Months, Maddie Magoo!

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