Friday, November 23, 2012

Anna's Antics

I have been missing having a monthly update for Banana Bean so I think I am going to start doing them again. I might not get it done every month but she is so entertaining and imaginative right now, I want to preserve some of these stories!




Anna loves her sister and calls her "Sweepy" (that's toddler-speak for Sweetpea). She is always very concerned about her Sweepy and if she is not in the same room with us, Anna asks where she is! Lots of hugs and kisses, and "No touch!" is finally starting to work better for things like the swing.




Life is basically one giant tea party for Anna right now. Any cup, or anything that remotely resembles a cup, is instantly a tea cup and necessitates pouring tea and eating cupcakes. She also highly enjoys "princess" cups and utensils. She got her paws on one of my antique goblets when we were rearranging the dining room, and I made the epic mistake of saying "Oh look, it's a REAL princess cup!" Her eyes immediately lit up and it was pretty much WWIII to get that cup away from her before she broke it.


Banana Bean has also started voicing opinions on what to wear. As long as it's weather-appropriate I generally let her wear whatever she wants. The Cinderella dress makes a frequent appearance, along with her sparkly shoes. She also likes to pick out what movie she wants to watch, and sometimes she will go through her entire selection before finally settling on one.


Anna has been doing great at the YMCA child care, and there are many days that she asks to go play at the Y! I am even back to considering the Mommy's Morning Out program there for Steve's spring busy season, because she does so well there.


Every kid is a "fwend" right now. It was hilarious at the zoo because every time she would see a cluster of kids, she would point and ask "Fwend? Fwends?"


We have finally made significant progress on Anna's sleep habits, which has been a huge relief to everyone in the house. I think I'm going to do a separate post about it when I get a chance, but this has been the best sleep situation since she was in her crib, and we are ALL thankful to get a good night's sleep!!




We have also been taking baby steps towards potty training. We let Anna take the lead on it and we aren't in a huge hurry to get her out of fact, we are hoping that she holds her horses on that until we get back from Disney, haha. But I am happy to report that we have had several successful potty sessions and she is getting better and better at telling us when she needs to go. I think once we are done traveling in December we will try the 3 Day Potty Training method and see if she's ready to fully make the switch. Such a big girl!!



The other fun discovery this month is sock puppets. I had pulled all the laundry into the nursery to put away, and Anna was helping me by handing me hangers. I picked up one of Daddy's black socks and on impulse, put it on my hand and made it say "Hi Anna!" and gave her a kiss with it. Anna giggled at that for several minutes and then immediately found her own socks so she could have puppets too. Now it's rare that she will find a sock and not make a puppet out of it.


Anna is turning into such a little parrot. She is constantly repeating things that we've said and learning new words. And it's even funnier when she mimics our tone of voice - I laugh SO hard when I yell "Stop it!" at her if she's doing something naughty, and then she screeches "Stop it!!" right back at me. I guess it's a great way to break the tension because she usually avoids a time-out if she does that, haha.


We are now getting ready for Christmas and have already procured some of Anna's presents. It has been fun keeping them hidden from her and we are so excited to see her face on Christmas morning!! This really is such a fun age and I know it will just keep getting better!

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Kelly said...

We aren't in any rush to potty train either. C goes on the potty every night before bed to help with accidents. He wears a diaper two sizes bigger than his daytime one and still wakes up wet on occasion! That's the only time I make him go because otherwise we'd be changing sheets every morning!