Thursday, November 1, 2012

Around the House

We've had a bit of a slow fall season here this year...although we have been enjoying the beautiful weather and the break between busy seasons at Steve's work, we have been battling colds and ear infections and sinus infections for the past several months so we've had to take it easy and get everyone back on their feet.

We have had a few projects going on around the house though so I thought I'd catch y'all up on what we've been up to.


We've been having some much-needed work done to the house. This here is the material for our new roof which we had installed. The workers are coming back this week to paint the repaired siding and we are excited to finally get this all finished.



A little bit of fall decor.


Steve brewed his fall beers - pumpkin and amber ale.



We planted a small fall garden...nothing too ambitious or groundbreaking but enough to give us some fresh veggies this fall.





We also tried a few Pinterest ideas on entertaining toddlers during one of our super-sick weeks and we were home-bound. DIY play dough was a hit. Bean sensory bin was a hit with Anna, not so much with me, hahahaha. Not sure we will be doing that one indoors again anytime soon but hey, she was happy and entertaining herself for a good solid 45 minutes while I made dinner so I'm not going to complain too much about that one.

On a side note, Steve and I decided not to attend our 10 year high school reunion this week...we had gotten a few emails asking if we were going to go and I did go back and forth on it but we decided to just stay home. If there are any former PHS-ers that are blog readers though I would very much love to reconnect, either on Facebook or in person, so please say hi if we aren't already friends on there :-). I have some very good memories from my high school days!

That's just about it for the last couple of months - now we are gearing up for the holiday season and hopefully we can get out and enjoy more of the festivities!

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