Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big Girl Room - Behind the Scenes

This will be a hodgepodge of pictures but hopefully they will give you a peek at what went into creating Anna's big girl room! I am going to recycle a few pictures from the other post so I can talk about the projects - I was a poor project documenter and so you will just have to picture a lot of this in your heads!

Lots of late-night furniture assemblings

Clearing out the room

Patching the walls, switching out the electrical outlet plates

Painting the walls...Steve also had to paint all of the trim and doors since the white paint we had picked out was much brighter and whiter than the paint that was already on there.

Rolling on the wallpaper paste



Painting party turned into a dance party! Also you can see in this picture that Steve had finished putting up the bead board wallpaper. I had been dying to try this wallpaper for years and so far we are very happy with it! It is by Martha Stewart and we ordered it from Home Depot. It came primed and was quick to hang. Once the wallpaper paste dried, Steve painted it white and then installed a chair rail along the top of it. Steve also installed the crown was the first time he had ever attempted this but I am so happy he did it and he really did do a wonderful job.



Anna got some candy in her mailbox so they had a treat break.

Hanging the bulletin boards.

Anna liked helping Daddy with all the tools and the step stool.

Steve did a LOT of painting for the room. One of the major projects was the night stand:


The night stand was originally a heavy, dark wood piece that we had gotten as a hand-me-down and we had used in the guest room. We had taken it down to the basement to take to Goodwill since we didn't really have a place for it anymore, but then I showed Steve the nightstands I was looking to purchase and he said he thought he could do something similar with the one we already had. We figured we didn't have anything to lose and I love how it turned out! He removed the bottom two drawers and their tracks, filled in the holes, sanded the whole thing down, and gave it several coats of white paint. I found some pretty drawer pulls on Amazon to finish it off, and we had a beautiful, sturdy nightstand! We also painted that basket- it was originally red and used in the guest room, but I thought it was a neat basket and wanted to keep it. We used the same spray paint that we used for the mailboxes and it was a quick makeover! Now Anna uses it to keep her favorite books close to the bed.


Steve also painted the fan blades on the ceiling fan - I had asked him to swap the wood fan for the white one that was in the nursery (I love having a handy husband!) but he tried this first and it worked like a charm! It blends in much better with the room and I liked it so much that I had him paint the play room fan too.


These frames were also in the Goodwill pile but I realized they were the perfect size for the big wall in Anna's room at the last minute and pulled them out. Steve sanded and painted the frames, and I found the fabric at a local fabric store. For the cork board, I bought two big cheap bulletin boards at Walmart to cut down to size. A quick wrap with the fabric and duct tape (I had planned to use a staple gun but the tape held well and didn't pull the fabric like the staples did) and these were ready to hang!


And finally, my favorite project! The mailboxes took a while to do - they were a shiny metal so we had to remove the newspaper hooks, prime them, sand them, and then apply three light coats of the pink spray paint, with sanding in between. We also finished them with a clear protective spray. I bought the flower decorations at Walmart, painted the white letters, and then adhered them with a craft epoxy. I tried very hard to hang them with 3M hooks so we could easily move them up the wall as the girls got taller, but even the heavy-duty hooks didn't hold up well under a toddler pulling on them. So we ended up using screws to hang them, but Steve says the holes will be easy to fix as we need to move them.

I think that covers all the individual projects for the room. It was a lot of work but it's made us excited to knock out some other projects around the house this winter, including some long overdue work on the basement and getting the full bathroom on our main floor finished and ready to use. I also not-so-secretly want to redecorate the nursery but I think I would be on my own for that one, haha.

Thank you for all of your sweet comments about the room, it's been fun to share it with you all!!

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