Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

Today was Election Day here in the good old USA, and time to pick our president. There has been an insane amount of talk about the campaign this year, but thanks to a couple of hot-button issues (and our tax bracket), we had decided pretty early on who we were going to vote for.



I had originally intended to get an absentee ballot but didn't get the form mailed in time. So this morning, I got the girls dressed and took them with me to cast my vote. The girls got a ton of smiles and comments, and Anna was thrilled to get a sticker. Anna surprised me with how well she behaved - we were in and out in under 15 minutes but both girls were fantastic. Anna was wearing her monkey backpack but we didn't even need it, she held my hand the whole time. The only snag we ran into was when I told her that I needed to use the computer to vote. She heard "computer" and got all excited and wanted to watch Elmo, lol!


In other presidential news, some of you might have heard that the White House brewed some beer this year, and they released their recipes online. Steve brewed both just in time to have them ready for the election results tonight. The honey porter unfortunately had an equipment snafu and had to get dumped, but the honey ale is delicious and we look forward to toasting the president tonight!


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