Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 Months Old!

Our beautiful Maddie Magoo is 5 months old today! Oh Maddie, my sweet fussy baby. Going out with her anywhere is a bit of a gamble, but when she is home and happy, she is such a snuggly sweetheart. Steve has some kind of Daddy magic that can get her calmed down, so I often give up and hand her over. Good job, Daddy!





Maddie is getting so strong. She rolls over all the time now - I have to keep setting her back on her tummy so she can get her tummy time workout! Anna gets a kick out of it, because when Maddie first started rolling, I would clap and squeal like a maniac because I was so excited. Anna joined in too, and she still cheers on her baby sister even several weeks later.



Thank you for the cute outfit, SuSu!

Maddie is a very vocal girl. She is always "talking" and cooing at us. I love carrying on conversations with her, and narrating our outings and our day for her. It's nice having a baby in the store with me because then I can talk to myself and not look like a total crazy, haha.




Our Sweetpea will reach out and grab things if they get her attention. She especially loves reaching out and touching her sister, and Anna is always delighted and will happily hold her hand. I adore seeing those two together, especially when Anna is being gentle!


We have finally gotten the nursery de-toddlerfied and re-babyfied, and Maddie has been enjoying the mobile and the soother that we have in there. Actually Anna has been enjoying them too so we have been having to explain that those are the baby's toys and not for Anna!!


Anna also loves to share toys with Maddie. At music class during instrument time, she will always get an extra instrument or shaker egg for Maddie, and then pry open her little baby fist and put the instrument in for her to hold.


We are officially on Teeth Watch. The last couple of days Maddie has been gnawing on her fist like there's no tomorrow. Lots of drool. Lots of whimpering. Lots of fussiness. I thought Anna was teething for about 3 months before she actually cut a tooth, but according to my blog Anna started actually teething somewhere between 5 and 6 months, so I guess we aren't too far off. I can't see anything cutting through in there but it would be nice if there was an explanation to her screaming in my face all day recently.


Maddie has grown out of most of her 3 month clothes, and I took advantage of Steve being home for Thanksgiving and helping with the girls to get all of the 6 month clothes pulled out of storage and freshly washed. I absolutely love seeing Maddie in Anna's old outfits (and she's got a few new ones of her own thrown in the mix too, of course). I am happy that the girls' sizes line up so they can share clothes - good job catching up, Miss Maddie!



My absolute favorite part of this month has been Maddie's looks while she's gazing at me. There is such a pure love that babies have and nothing makes me happier than when she is looking around the room, catches my eye, and breaks into the biggest, sweetest smile. Her eyes light up and her face is just full of adoration. I love this little girl so much and I think she feels the same way too! Happy 5 Months, baby girl!



city said...

thanks for sharing..

Jessica T said...

Look at those big beautiful eyes! I can't believe how much she has grown - but, even more, I guess I can't believe how fast time is going! Love all the new photos and can't wait to see you guys again and for you to meet Forrest :-)