Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Art Wall

It didn't get done quite in time for Christmas Day, but the day after Christmas we unveiled Anna's other big present. It was something that I had mentioned to Steve a couple of months ago, and happily, he was on board to make it.




I told Steve that I would LOVE to have an art wall for Anna, something that would let her draw with her beloved chalk but indoors, in a safe environment without direct supervision, and that would let me be comfortable with Maddie while Anna colored. And I was adamant that it be on the wall and not taking up precious floor space in the play room. Well, my wonderful handy husband delivered, and it has been a massive success. We have all had fun drawing pictures and Anna loves being able to "chalk" whenever she wants!



The project cost us very little except for Steve's time, because we had a lot of the components already from Steve's other big project this winter (coming up next!). We used a big board for the back, chalkboard paint, and crown molding to frame it. Steve also bought a wider, thicker piece of molding to use as a ledge for Anna's chalk and eraser.  He bolted and nailed it very securely into the wall once all the pieces were painted.



The board was also painted with a magnetic primer but unfortunately it wasn't strong enough to hold magnets underneath the chalk paint. I did, however, go ahead with my plan for the magnets. Anna had a duplicate farm animal puzzle and also an animal sounds puzzle that had a few pieces missing. I glued round magnets to the back of all the pieces, and they now reside on our fridge. I plan to make some kind of magnet board down the road for the play room but for now, Anna enjoys them in the kitchen while I cook.





I also took the opportunity to clean out and reorganize the play room - a project that was several weeks overdue. I set up a much bigger play mat for Maddie and put all of her new toys on it, and she has loved having more space to roll around and play. I put several of the bigger toys in the closet to rotate out, and I also filled up a Goodwill box of things that are ready for a new home - a definite necessity sometimes!





This art wall has been a wonderful addition to the play room, and Anna is actually happily drawing away as I type this post! Merry Christmas, Sweetheart and happy chalking!



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Kelly said...

We have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen and I have been meaning to make another one for Carter in his playroom! That looks great!