Monday, January 7, 2013

6 Months Old!

Our Maddie-girl is 6 months old today (I mean...yesterday, oops), our little monkey! This has been such a fun month with our sweet girl and holy cow did it fly by fast!



She is SUCH a wiggle worm this month. And STRONG! I will put her down on one of her playmats and turn around just for a second to draw Mary Poppins on the chalkboard for Anna. When I turn back around, Maddie will be facing completely the opposite direction and rolled/squirmed halfway off the mat! We have also been practicing sitting and she loves the higher view.




I love watching her reach for her toys and for me or Anna or Daddy. So many things catch her interest and it's so much fun to see her grab at them to bring them closer. And she's reached the stage where pretty much everything goes in her mouth. No teeth yet, though, although plenty of adorable baby babbling!



Maddie Magoo is such a laid-back girl now, which is surprising because she really was such a fussy newborn. She is just along for the ride with all of Anna's activities and classes, and my errands and housework. It's so amusing to see her propped up in her Bumbo or her rocker watching me clean or do my makeup or pick out my outfit, just like Anna used to. 



Speaking of Anna, watching these girls together has been my absolute favorite thing this month. They are SO cute together!! Anna loves playing with Maddie and it is hilarious watching them squeal and giggle at each other. Anna is so caring and sweet to Maddie, and always wants to share her toys. And I even had a moment of panic when I turned around and Anna had "shared" one of her purloined chocolates with Maddie. Anna had wrapped the chocolate up in Maddie's little fist, and the chocolate promptly went straight into Maddie's mouth. And then all over her face and all over the bouncer. I guess we've started solids, although this was definitely not the way I was planning to start!! No harm done though although we did have a conversation with Anna Bean about how we only share toys and hugs and kisses, not food with the baby.



Anna loves recreating their Christmas photo. When the tree was still up, she would run over to it, plop down, and demand "Hold baby!!!! Pictures!!!"These pictures make me laugh because they are taken so quickly, on auto setting, and the girls are in their pajamas. And Anna keeps watching Mickey Mouse instead of looking at the camera. And it's funny how I love them just as much as the Christmas ones!



Anna even deigned to sit in the baby swings again so she could swing with her sister.





Anna took a turn pushing, and shouting "Whee!"


Turtle baby

Happy 6 month birthday, sweet baby girl!





Lisa Elaine said...

LOVE those eyes! I can't believe she is already six months old! So how exactly are you able to go out and keep the reigns on Anna when you have to nurse Maddie? I'm baffled at how I will ever leave the house feeding for up to 30 min every few hours. I need some tips on managing two that young, lol

Nicole said...

Ahh! I love the laughing pictures in the swing and I LOVE the "turtle baby" picture - I actually LOL'd! So cute to see the two of them together. I still can't figure out who Maddie looks like more...Anna is definitely a mini-Sarah but Maddie is just such a great blend, I'm having a hard time figuring it out!

Kelly said...

hahahaha turtle baby <3