Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Day of School!

I had originally decided to wait until Anna was three years old to enroll her in any kind of preschool program, but then New Year's came and I realized I was staring directly into Steve's busy season, and it kind of made me panic. Once his busy season really gets going, he is gone from 5 in the morning until after the kids' bedtime, and I realistically acknowledged that I was going to need some help with these two boogers. I didn't really think Anna was totally ready but I took the plunge and signed her up.

She loves her Minnie Mouse bookbag.


Anna is enrolled for two mornings a week, and it has been a very positive thing so far. Drop-offs are pretty rough, which we expected. Her teachers are wonderful though and assure me that she calms down quickly.


Daddy stayed home late on her first morning of school so he could help send her off!

Her class is small, less than ten children, although sometimes they join in with the "big kids" next door. Their daily schedule includes circle time with songs and books, art, gym/free play, and lunch. I have loved packing up her little lunch box and I have especially loved seeing her art projects as they are sent home. Every time I pick her up, we text a picture of her latest creation to Daddy at work. Steve was beyond tickled with her very first art project, which was a nest with birds glued inside. Anna's favorite project so far (according to her teachers) was her Otters picture, which she painted with her feet!

Inspecting her lunch


We have made a small picture wall to hang Anna's art, and we also plan to put some up on her bulletin boards in her room. Each week the kids learn a new letter, so the art reflects that week's letter. Her teachers said they were very impressed with how well Anna knows her alphabet already!





This is Oscar the Grouch, I got a good chuckle looking at this one!

Her school schedule has been a very positive thing for me too. It's been a relief knowing that I can count on those times twice a week to catch up on cleaning/house projects and to do the grocery shopping, and I have also loved having that one-on-one time with Maddie Magoo. And she loves it too! Anna is at school for four hours and it really is crazy how fast that time flies by. We hope that school proves a positive thing for Banana Bean too, and that learning stays fun!!


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