Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the Road Ode to Drive-Throughs

One thing that I did not fully appreciate before having children was the ease of running errands. You want to go somewhere? You hop in the car, you get what you need, and you get home. When you have kiddos? Let's just say it's quite an adventure and oftentimes very exhausting. Your pantry could contain nothing but a jar of salsa and an expired pack of beans and you could still question the urgency of going grocery shopping with your children in tow. While it makes it very easy for husbands to get in their wives' good graces ("Need anything from the store? I will stop for you on the way home" is the #1 sentence to a happy marriage), it is a very legitimate thorn in the stay-at-home mom's world.

Anna is all of the above.
One thing I fully appreciate now, having children, is the beauty of a drive-through. An ideal day would be to knock off a complete list of errands all involving a drive-through. Think of it!! You could get everything accomplished without once having to unload/wrestle/control/reload your kids!! The kids are strapped in, not going anywhere, not destroying anything, and not throwing up on you. It's genius, really.

Kudos to Starbucks, the dry cleaners, the pharmacy, and Chick-Fil-A for catching on to this need. But there are some drastic improvements that could be made to make my life a little easier. So, in the spirit of this post, I would like to propose that the following places implement an immediate drive-through. At least until Amazon Prime figures out a way to get me everything I need with same-day delivery.

1) Publix. Seriously.

2) Target, even if only to cut down on the impulse shopping.

3) The nail salon, because Mama needs a manicure.

4) The post office

5) The pediatrician. This is added to my list for all those times that you spent an hour entertaining two kiddos only to be told that it's a cold and to keep an eye on it.

6) The library

What do you think, moms? What other places should we add to the list?

(I found both of these funny things on Facebook and I wish I could remember who originally posted them to give them credit. If it was you, I apologize for not giving you a shout-out but high-five for your sense of humor).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Anna's Antics

I haven't done an update on Anna Bean in a while and I have some fun stories to share!





Her mommy's morning out (or school, as we call it) is going SO well. Drop-offs are getting easier and there have been two days now where I thought she wasn't going to cry at all until another kid started crying and set her off. Her teachers report that she cries less than 2 minutes and then immediately jumps into the activities. She loves arts and crafts and will often come home covered in paint and proudly clutching her latest artwork.



Anna is increasingly interested in helping around the house and especially doing things for herself. She will put things in the trash, put her milk back in the fridge, put her shoes on (although sometimes on the wrong feet!), bring me cloths for the baby, hand me diapers, and put her clothes in the hamper. She also is obsessed with pressing buttons, so if I am making coffee or anything in the microwave, she runs over and asks for "button!!!". Anna also enjoyed watching me clean their bathroom yesterday, and stayed right on my heels so she wouldn't miss a single step of the process. I told her that we had to scrub the bathtub so that it would be nice and clean for her baths, and then I was so impressed later that night when she got into the tub and said, unprompted, "Clean bath!".




Anna is getting increasingly articulate and often strings together longer sentences. It is fun to hear and even more fun to be able to converse with her. But the most fun of all is when she lies down on the floor or in the crib with Maddie and she just starts babbling to her...I can only understand every fourth word or so and it's gibberish in between, but Maddie soaks up every word. The clear words are usually "Poppins" and "Elmo" and "strawberries" so I like to think that Anna is telling her sister about all the things she has to look forward to when she's older!




Banana Bean's imagination has really kicked off in recent months. It's always surprising what things she comes up with! She has cobbled together her very own Mary Poppins outfit (completely on her own!) and now has a hat, shoes, scarf, gloves and umbrella, just like her idol. Anna also pretends with other things - just yesterday, she sat down in a big crack in our driveway and announced "Bath!" and then pretended to wash her hair!


Planting a garden at the park

Texting with her Auntie Ally



Anna still loves taking pictures, including self-portraits!


Anna loves playing hide-and-seek, or at least the 2 year old's version of it. I cover my eyes and count to 10, and she will "hide" in plain sight. When I get to 10, I pretend like I don't see her, and search behind curtains, pillows, and her bean bag while she stands there and giggles like she is the cleverest hider in the entire world. When I finally "spot" her and say "Ahhh Anna!! I found you!!" she thinks it is hysterical. She likes to count too, so I hide in a very obvious spot like under her blanket. You should hear her laugh when she finds me! And of course Daddy plays too, which is always fun.

Going for a little walk around our neighborhood. She likes to count "1,2,3 GO!" and then jump off the curb. This particular walk was exciting because a school bus went right by us and the driver waved...Anna was in heaven!

She is obsessed with all things large and automotive right now. We are often out driving around when the school buses are doing their afternoon pick-ups and Anna will count the buses that we see. I think our record is 16! She also loves going outside and sitting in the yard and watching for planes and helicopters.




Teasing Kingsley

Helping Daddy with the recycling

Mmmm Daddy made a treat - pudding!

Anna helped herself to some strawberries. And when I say "some" I mean "all".


Playing with the puzzles at music class

Atlanta had some crazy weather last week and I pulled into the parking lot to pick up Anna from school just as tornado sirens went off!! So we spent the next hour in the basement, where Anna entertained herself with her sock puppets.

P is for Pig.

Kissing her sister

Anna is so funny while watching Mary Poppins. She will do things along with the movie, so here Mary Poppins had just taken her hat off, and Anna took hers off right along in time with Mary!




I think her shirt is appropriate here!


We had an unseasonably warm day here this week so we went out on the porch to enjoy some fresh air!

Playing the doorbell game.



It's been a little turbulent with Anna lately (omg the tantrums!) but so much fun too - we love you Anna Bean!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7 Months Old!

Our Maddie Magoo is 7 months old today! Our little wiggle worm is so ready to be on the move, so I'm anticipating this being a fun month coming up!






Maddie officially has two teeth well on their way in, and the poor girl has been gnawing up a storm. I have to warn Anna not to stick her hands near Maddie's mouth because she might get chomped!




I have LOVED watching Maddie's personality develop this past month. She will giggle up a storm when I pretend to nibble at her belly button or her neck or her feet, and she's so ticklish! She has the sweetest little baby squeals when I squeeze her thighs, just like Anna used to. Her toothy smile lights up my day and I love seeing it, every single time.



Maddie can sort of sit...she sits fine but will topple over after a few minutes so I don't go too far. I love to sit in the playroom on her play mat and let her sit in between my legs while she explores her toys and laughs at Anna. She is definitely army-crawling all over the place, when she isn't rolling. It's hilarious to watch her on the monitor or on her play mat - that little girl is all over the place!! We have been revisiting our baby-proofing plans and getting all of those systems and habits back into place. It's hard to believe we'll have another crawler soon but I know it will be here before we know it. 



We have started solids and Maddie is such a fun little eater! It seems like it took Anna forever to warm up to solid foods but Maddie just gobbles away at it. Anna is highly entertained by the entire baby-feeding process, and often grabs the spoon away from me to take a turn. We have a repertoire of spoon noises such as a train, a helicopter, a plane, a shark, and a rabbit, and both girls get quite a kick out of them. Maddie is also funny because she will get her paws on the spoon and start trying to feed herself! Sometimes I have to hand her an extra spoon to let her gnaw on so I can keep feeding her with the "real" spoon.











Anna still adores her baby sister and it is abundantly clear that Maddie adores her sister too! They love playing with each other and Maddie always has a huge smile on her face when Anna is paying attention to her. And it is so sweet to watch Maddie calm down from a crying fit because Anna runs over, pats her face and assures her that "S'okay baby, s'okay!". Anna also always wants to kiss and hug Maddie good night before getting tucked in and turning on the night light. Anna also likes to share things with Maddie - food, toys, even shoes and socks. I can't even tell you how much joy it brings my mommy heart to see those two girls together...I could watch them play together all day long!!










Their sisterly bond has also come in handy for me. Recently, if I have just a few minutes left on a chore or project and Maddie starts getting restless, I'll ask Anna if she wants to be a big helper, and go play with her sister. Anna will immediately run over to Maddie shouting "Helper! Helper! Hiiiii baby!!!!" and she will happily entertain Maddie until I can finish and take over baby duties.




Steve and I got a good laugh one day...Maddie was in her swing, and Anna was pestering her even though we had asked her to stop. Suddenly we hear "Hep! Hep! (help). I stuck! I stuck!" We look over and Maddie has a big chunk of Anna's hair locked up tightly in her fist and is trying to chew on it...poor Anna was bent over the swing and Maddie was not even remotely interested in letting go! After we extricated her from the baby's grip I told her it served her right for bothering her sister, haha.






I can't remember if I ever updated after Maddie's 6 month appointment, but she's right around 16 pounds. She's in 6 month or 6-9 month's a little hard to dress her sometimes because she's such a string bean that a lot of the 6 month stuff is too short but the 9 month stuff falls right off her waist. So she basically wears the same outfits over and over again, haha. I'm excited for the next "round" of clothes, she's got some cute stuff in that closet!!






I think that's just about it for our 7 month update...happy "birthday" baby girl!