Friday, February 1, 2013

Imagine It!

A few months ago, I ran across a special deal for tickets to Atlanta's Imagine It! Children's Museum and happily purchased them. I realized recently that the tickets were about to expire and since Steve had made it abundantly clear that he had no desire to go, I made plans to take the girls with my friend Tammy and her daughter, who is one of Anna's BFFs.

Well, I'm not gonna lie. It was a fun time sandwiched into periods of epic disaster. But when Maddie wasn't screaming bloody murder at me and when Anna was keeping in sight, it was so much fun and I'm glad we went! I think it will be my last Atlanta excursion without an extra set of hands for quite some time though, haha. I am pretty proud of us for getting there and back and having fun in the middle...and we all survived!!



We had never been to a children's museum before, so I had no idea what to expect. Anna had such a blast though and loved running around to all of the different areas.

The grocery area was her favorite spot. She loves shopping and immediately claimed one of the carts as her own...which is a little funny given that she has a grocery cart in her play room that she generally ignores! There is a ramp leading up to the loading truck and Bean would zoom up and down the ramp with the cart.





Playing in the moon dough. Moon dough is like sand but it's mold-able, think sand mixed with play dough. Anna was a little skeptical of this area at first but then it was hard to convince her to move on! I have seen recipes for moon dough on Pinterest so I'm interested to try some out.


Doing a little gardening





Gone fishin'


Ewwww! We put a quick stop to this, believe me.





I also have to high-five the museum for having a nursing room with rocking chairs and a ton of books for Anna to read while I nursed Maddie. You guys know I am not overly shy about breastfeeding in public but I was pretty exhausted at this point with my fussy baby and it was unbelievably nice to have a quiet room to relax and get away from the crowd and to keep Anna contained while I fed Maddie. So, high five, museum.




One thing that did go in my favor today was how I packed. The Imagine It website said that they allow strollers but they have a stroller parking area to keep them and that it's best not to bring one. I opted to bring our City Mini anyway because I knew I would have to park at least a block or two away, and that I didn't want to haul the diaper bag all over with me. I ended up being able to roll the stroller around with us the whole time (Maddie was in her carrier because it was the only place she wasn't screaming at me) and it was wonderful being able to throw our bags and coats on it. We also packed a lunch to take with us, which was great and helped keep costs down. I had been looking forward to maybe taking Anna to Johnny Rockets for lunch, because it was on our way back to the parking lot and it looked fun, but she was so worn out by the end of our museum play date that I was happy we had packed some sandwiches.



Overall, I am glad we went and I look forward to going back again (with help!). Anna was the perfect age for it, and a few parts of it kind of reminded me of Sci-Trek...any other native Atlantans remember that place??

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Nicole said...

Ahh Sci-Trek! I was totally thinking that's what this place looked like!! Does it still exist? I remember a few times in college we drove past it and I vowed that I would go again as a grown-up, but never made the trip.