Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the Road Ode to Drive-Throughs

One thing that I did not fully appreciate before having children was the ease of running errands. You want to go somewhere? You hop in the car, you get what you need, and you get home. When you have kiddos? Let's just say it's quite an adventure and oftentimes very exhausting. Your pantry could contain nothing but a jar of salsa and an expired pack of beans and you could still question the urgency of going grocery shopping with your children in tow. While it makes it very easy for husbands to get in their wives' good graces ("Need anything from the store? I will stop for you on the way home" is the #1 sentence to a happy marriage), it is a very legitimate thorn in the stay-at-home mom's world.

Anna is all of the above.
One thing I fully appreciate now, having children, is the beauty of a drive-through. An ideal day would be to knock off a complete list of errands all involving a drive-through. Think of it!! You could get everything accomplished without once having to unload/wrestle/control/reload your kids!! The kids are strapped in, not going anywhere, not destroying anything, and not throwing up on you. It's genius, really.

Kudos to Starbucks, the dry cleaners, the pharmacy, and Chick-Fil-A for catching on to this need. But there are some drastic improvements that could be made to make my life a little easier. So, in the spirit of this post, I would like to propose that the following places implement an immediate drive-through. At least until Amazon Prime figures out a way to get me everything I need with same-day delivery.

1) Publix. Seriously.

2) Target, even if only to cut down on the impulse shopping.

3) The nail salon, because Mama needs a manicure.

4) The post office

5) The pediatrician. This is added to my list for all those times that you spent an hour entertaining two kiddos only to be told that it's a cold and to keep an eye on it.

6) The library

What do you think, moms? What other places should we add to the list?

(I found both of these funny things on Facebook and I wish I could remember who originally posted them to give them credit. If it was you, I apologize for not giving you a shout-out but high-five for your sense of humor).


Lisa Elaine said...

ha ha I completely agree. I hate trying desperately to entertain Anna and keep her away from the door for an hour in a stoic doctor's office with nothing but a chair. There are only so many songs one can sing.

Nicole said...

I'm sorry. I can't relate to this at all...but I'll take your word for it =)