Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Around the House

We've been busy around here and I thought I'd share some of our projects!

We have been doing some much-needed toddler-proofing.

First up was our front door. It is very easy to open and unfortunately Anna figured that out. You should have heard her gleeful cackle when she would get the door open and bolt for the street. Steve installed a latch lock thing at the top now so until you unlock that, the door isn't opening. Anna is not impressed but Mommy is.


Anna also discovered that she can fit through the rungs in our banister, leading to many mommy heart attacks. She had already gotten her head stuck on several occasions and then it developed into her go-to upstairs tantrum tactic to try to squeeze through to go downstairs. I was terrified that she was going to fall or get stuck and get majorly hurt. So after some research and despite the fact that I hated putting holes in the wall, we installed this:

It is far from the most attractive thing in the world even given the alternatives, but it's not obvious the second you walk in our door. The plastic is very thick and sturdy and despite Anna's best efforts, she isn't getting through it. And I feel infinitely better about it. Stupid house.

In other house news, Steve ripped out the awful cheap carpet from the basement stairs and painted them. They look three million times better, although now Kingsley is afraid of them and it takes quite an amount of coaxing to get him to go up or down the stairs. Steve also gave that whole hallway a fresh coat of paint and it's really made a huge difference.


I tackled my own project the other day. Anna (adorably) has grown obsessed with my jewelry, and loves absconding with my jewelry boxes and playing dress up. I had most of my good stuff in a vintage box on top of my dresser, and while I was perfectly content letting her play with the super cheap costume jewelry that was in another box in my nightstand, I was not happy letting her play with the stuff that I actually liked and wore on a frequent basis. I also realized that if I could figure out a way to display it, I would probably be more apt to wear it, vs. having to dig it out of a box. We have also been needing something to fill the walls of our master bedroom so I figured this could kill a few birds with one stone.

I wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel with this. I looked up "jewelry display board" on Pinterest and found dozens of posts. Basically, I took a big bulletin board and hot-glued fabric to it. The only novel thing that I did was to luck out and find a crib sheet on sale at Target with the exact fabric I wanted - a few snips to get rid of the elastic and I had my yellow chevron fabric for half the price of buying fabric retail. Holla! And I also bought cute push pins from Target. Voila!



The last project in this batch of pictures is a command center for me. Up until now, I had my household binder in the kitchen, stationery downstairs in the office desk, stamps and envelopes in the junk drawer...basically everything scattered all over the house. It never really mattered until recently but I had been craving a space of my own, where I could have everything consolidated and organized, and free from enthusiastic toddler paws. It occurred to me that we had a very heavy armoire desk upstairs from our former guest room...it was too heavy for us to move and would be a perfect command center for me. I keep our laptop computer there, my household binder, office supplies, computer and camera gadgets, and my stationery in it. Steve installed a second wireless router for us up there so now we get perfect internet access - something we had sorely been lacking up there.



All of the pink baskets were from the dollar section of Target so this was very inexpensive to pull together, and I love having my own space to organize papers and household papers, pay bills, and write notes.

I hope you liked seeing some of our efforts from around the house recently - I have a bunch of projects on my docket for Spring but for now we are just trying to knock out some extra deep cleaning. If you have any fun projects to share, please comment - I would love to hear about them!


Kathryn said...

Wow you've been busy! Love your jewelry holder.

Jessica T said...

Cute jewelry board!

We installed the thick plastic at the top of our stairs back when my cousin's little girl showed us how she could put her head thru, and I bought some cute ribbon to cover the zip ties...it's not much, but a little color made them a little nicer to look at, haha!

Lisa Elaine said...

Tell me again how you have time to do all this with two kids? And make strawberry pancakes? Sheesh!! :)

Kelly said...

Love the jewelry holder! So cute!!