Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9 Months Old!

Our beautiful monkey Maddie Magoo is 9 months old this week! So hard to believe it!



I am pretty sure this time frame is my absolute favorite time of the first baby year. Maddie is old enough to play and interact and explore, but still has all of the sweet baby cuddles and smells. I just melt whenever she is in the carrier and she snuggles her head against my chest and dozes off - she knows that she is safe and warm and with her mama and it makes me so happy that she is happy! I also love it SO much when she reaches up for me, or when she holds on to my neck if I pick her up when she is scared or crying. I hope that she always always always feels so safe, protected, and comforted with us!




Maddie has been rolling right through this month - literally! I laugh all the time because she will spot something across the room that catches her eye, and she will tumble all the way over to get her paws on it. I even expanded her foam play mat in the play room as big as I could get it and she still ends up on the hardwood floor on the other side of the room!!




She is also starting to crawl - she gets into the silliest inchworm positions and then gives up and rolls. She is quite adept at crawling backwards and Anna thinks it's hilarious. Anna will crouch down beside her and say "Go baby! Go baby! Bye bye baby!"



I have loved watching how observant Maddie has become this month. Even tonight, I took my contacts out and put my glasses on (which I do every single night), but tonight she actually noticed and after my glasses were on, she just stared at my face totally transfixed. And then of course tried to snatch my glasses off of my face and gnaw on them, haha. She also picks up toys and objects and carefully studies them...Anna has been a big helper in bringing Maddie new toys and sharing books with her so that she can see some new sights!



Maddie does have several more teeth coming in, so it's been a little rough on the sleeping front, and she wants to be held pretty much 24/7. Thank heavens for our collection of carriers!!!



Maddie Magoo loves music and nursery games - sometimes when she is fussy or restless, even a silly song like Itsy Bitsy Spider calms her down. She also loves This Little Piggie, and giggles enthusiastically when her beloved big sister does the piggy-ing. I have been appreciative of our expanded song repertoire thanks to Anna's music classes, and it's always interesting to me to see which songs the girls favor.



Maddie is all moved into the 9 month clothes and I've even pulled out and washed the 12 month stuff. Anna had some really cute fall things in the 12-18 month sizes so I'm hoping we will be able to use all of them again.



She weighed in at 18 lbs, 2.4 ounces at her 9 month check up, and 27 inches long. The doctor was amused with how social and interested Maddie was, and she kept trying to snag all of the doctor's check-up tools. That stethoscope looked tasty, apparently!! We also got the not-good-news that she is very anemic. Apparently that is pretty common at this age especially with preemies, but her levels were very low and the doctor immediately put her on an iron supplement program. I was really surprised and the nurse was surprised too, she actually did the full test three times just because the numbers kept coming back so low. We go back in a month to get them re-checked so hopefully those levels move in the right direction and in the meantime I will be a worried momma.



Well, I think that's just about it for this month. Happy 9 Months, baby girl!


Such a happy girl :-)




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