Saturday, April 6, 2013

Expanding the Family

Steve has talked about getting Anna a fish for months and months, and finally I said yes, as long as he took care of the tank cleanings!


We took it slow and got the tank set up with just one fish, a tetra that Anna named Shoe. We also let Anna pick out some decorations for the tank.


Once the tank had a week to get conditioned and ready, we took Anna back to the store and let her pick out a whole bunch of fish - she was in heaven! We even got a golden snail to go along with Shoe and his friends.



Anna absolutely loves it. As soon as we get downstairs in the mornings, she runs over to see her "fishes" and she climbs up on her stool to help feed them.



As you can see, we also added some scrapbook paper to the back of the tank just to add some personality. You can only do so much with a glass tank!!



I am glad Steve talked me into this, it brings me so much joy to see Anna so excited!

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Nicole said...

I love the decorations that Anna picked, particularly the bee hive =) Hopefully you are encouraging her love of bumble bees and yellow jackets. Seriously, though, this is so cute!