Wednesday, May 8, 2013

10 Months Old!

Our Maddie-girl is 10 months old today, big monkey! She is such a joy in our lives and I love every single minute with her.



Maddie has turned into a total squirmy crawler and is fully mobile. It is hilarious watching her follow me all around like a little puppy, and seeing her eyes light up when I crouch down in front of her.




We have abandoned pureed baby food and have moved on to Baby-Led Weaning, which we also used with Anna. It's much easier than having to spoon-feed her, especially when Anna keeps trying to steal the spoon, and Maddie seems to really enjoy getting to try all of the different foods. Watermelon is a current favorite and she also loves our normal deli chicken and cheese. The Cabot vanilla Greek yogurt is also a top on her list - she loves that stuff, just like her sister. She even got to sample a sweet potato fry the other day and made quick work of it!




Maddie babbles up a storm and chatters away to her sister. They take baths together now and both girls think it is the most fun thing in the entire world. Anna even helps me soap up her sister and hands her all of the best bath toys.

Maddie Magoo had her one month anemia check-up today at the pediatrician and I am thrilled to report that she had a significant improvement! We are going to continue the supplements for two more months and her doctor assured us that she should be perfect after that, and that they would re-test her levels at 2 years old. I was so happy and relieved. We did get the expected confirmation of a double ear infection, and just for a bonus we took Anna back this afternoon and guess what - she's got a double ear infection too! So fun times around here, and both the girls have started their antibiotics.





I finally got around to uploading some of our videos too - I love watching these girls together!

This is what Maddie does when she wants to eat:

Happy 10 Months, Maddie Magoo!!

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