Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was Mother's Day and what an absolutely beautiful day we got - perfect for celebrating! Mother's Day is, of course, a day to honor your mother as well as the mother of your children, but it is also a day for mommies to be so incredibly grateful for the little lovebugs. I am so thankful for my two sweethearts who make the role of motherhood fulfilling and so much fun!





My morning started with a most luxurious sleep-in...Anna finally padded in at 9:00 (9:00!!!!!) to announce "Allllllright, Mommy, bacon!!" and to hand me my glasses and to sneak in bed for a quick snuggle. Steve had cooked us all a wonderful breakfast of bacon and eggs and delicious coffee.




Maddie and I got a chance to play together after breakfast while Steve took Banana Bean shopping at our favorite store, Pike's Nursery. I had assured him that I didn't need jewelry or gifts for Mother's Day, but that I would love some more flowers and plants for the yard. Being a mother has turned me into such a plant nut, it's ridiculous. I crave them like you wouldn't believe and no matter how many flowers and plants we have out there, it's never enough! So my thoughtful husband decided to plant my hanging baskets for me this year, and then he even surprised me with more hydrangea bushes and a new dogwood tree.

We were very pleasantly surprised to find these roses in our yard - aren't they beautiful!




After my two shoppers came home, I went to meet my sister for some pampering and shopping. We treated ourselves to a decadent mani-pedi, and I finally got the chance to try this gel manicure that everyone is talking about. So far I am impressed, and it felt good to get out and do something girly with my best friend sister. Plus, she brought Daniel and I loved having the chance to show off my snuggly nephew! He is quite the shopper and he even managed to pick himself out a new toy from Barnes & Noble.




Steve had encouraged me to do a little shopping and although I didn't see too many clothes that caught my eye, I did add a new Southern cookbook to my collection. Allyson and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather and stayed out for four full hours of relaxing - a definite luxury!

I came home armed with provisions of snacks, beer, and sugary treats for my troopers who somehow all survived without me for that long (haha). We spent the rest of the afternoon planting our new flowers and playing in the yard. I was thrilled to capture some more pictures of my beautiful children and we all got the benefit of some fresh Spring air.








Mother's Day is really such a special day. Motherhood is a very exhausting, very not-glamorous job (Anna painted her room in poop yesterday, by the way), but I wouldn't trade it for the world. This day is not about the gifts, it's not about the attention. And for heaven's sake, it is not a Hallmark holiday. It is a day that is set aside to thank mothers for all they do for their families, for their community, and for the next generation. And as my friend Sue recently said, "The world needs more moms. People need a little more kindness, a little more doting." So, mommies, I want to end my post by saying:

Thank you.
You are important.
Your work is important.
You are appreciated.
You are doing a good job.
You are making a difference. 
Your family loves you.
You are making the world a better place.



I also have several friends going through fertility treatments right now and their journeys have been on my mind and heart lately. Friends, every single one of you is going to be a fantastic mother one day, no matter when or how. It is going to happen and I will be the very first in line to give you a hug and say congratulations. I know the journey has been hard but I consider you all to be mothers, and I am wishing you a Happy Mother's Day too and sending my love.





Happy Mother's Day, everybody!


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