Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Bucket List

We have had a busy Winter and Spring, having signed up the girls for both music and gym classes, along with Anna's Mommy's Morning Out. We all loved having such a varied but consistent routine, but it's about to all come to an end at the end of May as Summer starts. While I will miss our schedule, I am very much looking forward to having more flexibility for play dates and new adventures.

I found myself pondering our summer time schedule the other day and I came up with a bucket list of things that I was excited about for this new season. I would love to hear yours too!

1. New Classes at the Gym - our gym has an extensive list of classes that they offer and for months, our schedule has made it impossible for me to make any of the classes that piqued my interest. I can't wait to drop these kiddos off and try some new workouts!!

2. Splash Pads - I was out of commission for the bulk of the summer last year and I am dying to take the girls to try out the splash pads (a toddler-friendly area with fountains and spray equipment) nearby. I have heard of several good ones and I think Anna and Maddie would get such a kick out of them!

3. Ink Children's Museum - another attraction on the list that I have heard such good things about and have never made the trip up to visit. Plus it has the benefit of air conditioning - a definite advantage in the Georgia summer heat!

4. Stone Mountain - Georgia readers will be familiar with this one! While I am not sure this will be the year to take the girls to the laser show, I would love to spend a day at this park enjoying a picnic, a cable car ride, and maybe even a boat ride if they still do those. Stone Mountain is such a beautiful park and I think it would be worth the drive!

5. Georgia Aquarium - we had been members of the Aquarium for years, but let our membership lapse for the last couple of seasons. The zoo always seems so much easier and cost-effective, but I have been itching to take the girls so I am sure this will be on the list for summer. And again, air conditioning, haha. Sorry, Zoo Atlanta.

6. Tanglewood Farms - you all might remember this one! Steve never got the chance to go with us to see all of the miniature animals, and I think Anna would be thrilled to go back.

7. Peachtree-Dekalb Airport - this might sound like an odd one, but my friend Erin told me about this place at least a year ago, and I have kept it in the back of my mind. Apparently this is the 2nd busiest airport in Atlanta, and they have built a playground nearby so the kids can watch the planes take off and land. Anna is obsessed with spotting planes and I think this would be a fun place for a picnic!

8. Southeastern Railway Museum - trains are another new fascination, so this place seems like it would be a slam-dunk!

9. Farmer's Markets - there are several wonderful markets nearby and Anna seems to really enjoy them. I have them all marked on my calendar and hope to be able to catch them frequently throughout the summer. I have also been itching to get better at some of the traditional Southern dishes, having received a bunch of fantastic Southern cookbooks for Christmas, and the farmer's markets are perfect for locating a lot of those fresh local ingredients. Strawberry rhubarb pie, here we come!

10. Road Trips - we don't have any solid plans yet but we have tentatively talked about a few weekend trips. We would love to go visit our friends up in Chattanooga (and go to the Aquarium up there again!) and also to go visit Poppy and SuSu in Charleston, and maybe a visit to Raleigh. It's usually logistics-heavy to get our bozo brigade packed and transported anywhere, but I think these could be worth the effort. And even though Atlanta is full of fun, it's always nice to get out of town for a few days! Add in some time at the lake and the beach (of course!) and I think this is gearing up be a fantastic summer!

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