Monday, June 10, 2013

11 Months Old!

Our sweet Maddie Magoo is 11 months old this week, holy cow! This number feels so bizarre to me but nonetheless, party plans are in full swing (or scramble) and this baby girl is going to be a year old soon!



Maddie is crawling ALL over the place and also pulling up and cruising. I love seeing her zoom all over the room and especially when she crawls over into my lap for a snuggle or an open-mouthed baby kiss. She loves being near her mama, just like her sister, and it is so funny when I step out of sight for even just a second and she immediately crawls off in search of me. Her eyes light up when she spots me again and she puts her crawl into double-time to come give me a hug. If I am going back and forth between the laundry room and my bedroom with loads of laundry, Maddie pads up and down the hallway the whole time trying to keep up!!

 This is what happens when you make a phone call for just one minute!!

Anna seems to be growing impatient for Maddie to be a playmate and I have to remind her often that Maddie is still little and we need to be gentle. I get zero backup on that though, as Maddie is often giggling up a storm when Anna is doing her rough-and-tumble routine. Anna will pretend to read Maddie books, and it is so sweet to see Maddie sitting next to Anna studiously looking at all of the pictures.


One of Maddie's favorite activities right now are our living room dance parties. If Anna is watching one of her Sesame Street or Barney videos, I will sweep Maddie up in my arms and bounce around the living room while Anna dances along, much to both of my girls' delight. Anna immediately requests "More song please!!" - the dancing wears Mama out but the girls love it!




The other activity that Maddie loves (and her older sister loved it too, if you remember!) is objects in a bucket or box. If I need her occupied for a few minutes, I'll throw a bunch of stuff in a bag or a bucket or a box and Maddie will happily sit there and take out every item, inspect it, gnaw on it, and then place it to the side. I love watching this because Anna used to do the exact same thing, and I love seeing Maddie explore her toys.



Maddie has 8 teeth fully in, and at least one more getting ready to cut through. She keeps biting my arms and I laughed the other day when I called her a zombie baby and she growled at me. Anybody else who likes the Walking Dead show will appreciate that situation!


Maddie also loves bath time and she will splash and play with all of the toys. I love hearing her giggles as she splashes in the water, and she is such a good sport when her sister dumps a bucket of water over her head in an attempt to help.





We love you so much Maddie-girl and we are so excited to be able to wish you a happy birthday soon!


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