Saturday, July 6, 2013

Packing Pretties


The week before last, we were packing to go spend some quality time with Poppy and SuSu at their lake house up in the North Georgia mountains. We were all looking forward to a chance to put our feet up and relax with Steve's family. I have a million pictures to share so hopefully I can get those up tomorrow, but I had to post one of my favorite stories in the meantime.

As we were getting ready for the trip, I pulled out the girls' suitcase and had it open in Anna's room. She came in and asked "What's that?" so I told her that it was a suitcase, and anything that we wanted to take with us to see Poppy and SuSu needed to go into that suitcase. She looked at me very studiously and I told her again that anything that she wanted to take to the lake house needed to go in the suitcase, otherwise it was going to stay here at our house.

A minute later I was amused to see her dump an armload of books and her entire collection of pajamas into the suitcase. But then my mommy heart melted when I turned around and saw her final packing pick, which she was trying to pull into the suitcase - her baby sister!

Apparently Maddie is a must-have when we go on vacation...what a good sister :-)

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Lisa Elaine said...

Oh my gosh that is so sweet!!! I love having two girls!