Sunday, July 21, 2013

Poopty Poopty Pants

As you might have surmised from the post title, this post could be copied directly from STFU Parents, but other parents will be interested - we have entered the exciting world of potty training!

I had had a mind to give potty training a go with Anna for the last few months of her morning out program, but we waited until the summer started and our schedule cooled down. I didn't do a ton of research (who has time for that anymore? lol!) and I didn't really have a set plan in place. I wasn't going to push her if she wasn't ready, but I had a feeling that it was time to start, and I figured we could see how it went. We did prep the process a bit by adding a few potty books into the nighttime rotation, and I kept talking to Anna about how soon we were going to say bye-bye diapers and she could go in the potty. She would listen to me very closely so I was curious to see how much she was really absorbing this concept!

Basically we just cleared our calendar for a week or two, let Anna run around in her brand-new big girl underpants, and kept her little potty in easy reach. I would ask her often if she needed to go and offered to help if she needed it.


Well, it turned out that peeing in the potty was a total piece of cake for her. The novelty of going in a potty was such fun for her that she only had a couple of accidents before getting the hang of running over to her little potty, and the subsequent celebration of a successful potty visit was enough to keep her going. I was further thrilled when she handled the regular toilets too - what a pro!

We stayed at home for a full week and a half while she practiced going potty, and then we took our first trip out to the YMCA. The child care center there has a bathroom built in and the staff there has been awesome and happy to help with the process.

I quickly realized that being truly out and about with an overly full diaper bag, infant, and potty-training toddler is really a lot to handle, so I took my friend's advice and bought a travel potty off of Amazon to keep in the car. Now, anybody except another mother of a potty-training toddler might be totally grossed out by this, but basically it's a folding plastic potty and it comes with plastic bags with an absorbent liner. The child goes potty, and then the bag can be removed, tied up, and tossed in the trash. It has been a total stress-reliever if we are out running errands or at the park where there isn't a public restroom handy. Anna has also been skittish around public toilets that automatically flush, so the portable potty has been useful there too!!

We also bought a special insert for her car seat - just in case she has an accident, it helps prevent the entire seat needing to be washed.

As long as we are consistent with keeping her in underpants and we are mindful of her cues and asking if she needs to go potty, Anna is doing fantastic with potty training. We are still working on pooping in the potty, which as far as I can tell is totally normal to take longer, and she is still in pull-ups for naps and bedtime.

I am so proud of how well my big girl is doing with the potty, and I am also so happy having only one kid in diapers again!!

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