Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beach Babes

As you might have already seen on some of our friends' blogs, we were in the sunny(ish) town of Destin, Florida last weekend for a relaxing girls weekend. This has been an annual trip with this group for years now and I finally got a chance to go too!


I have never been to Destin before and was so excited to explore. It is much more commercialized than our sleepy Sunset Beach, but still manages to feel small-town and festive. I would love to take Steve and the girls back for a visit, maybe next summer!


I was feeling pretty anxious about leaving the girls, especially Maddie. I knew she was in good hands but this was still my first trip away and I had to practically push myself out the door. Of course I missed my family but boy was it nice to get a legitimate break and relax in the company of some of the best girlfriends a mama could ask for!!


I left the house very early for our drive down, and I surprised my sleeping family by leaving daily goody bags that they could open while I was gone. I am told they were a hit! They contained such prizes as pumpkin beer, temporary tattoos, coloring books, and fruit pouches...just a little something for everybody to let them know I was thinking about them!


The first day was consumed mostly by driving and getting settled, but we set our first evening off in true beach style with a dinner at The Crazy Lobster and then a sunset dolphin cruise. The breeze was crisp and heavenly, good conversations were had, and dolphins were spotted. We even did a little house shopping for when we win the lottery!



Our next day included a relaxed waffle breakfast cooked by Sarah M., and then a stroll over to the beach. The water had a bunch of seaweed so we didn't really swim, but we all brought books and kept our eyes out for dolphins. A rain shower rolled in after lunch, so we all hit the outlet malls and filled up our fall wardrobes.



Our final day involved being total beach bums. After several hours of beach reading, I decided I wanted to soak up some local flavor for lunch, so Kristyn and I took Sarah's recommendation and wandered down the coast to a place called The Whale's Tail. It was just what I was hoping for - a breezy open beach patio, plenty of ocean views, a shrimp-filled menu, and cold strawberry margaritas.



After a dinner of chicken fajitas and more margaritas, we stumbled back to the beach for the traditional pictures.




A leisurely stroll down the beach capped off our night, and we were sad to say good night and goodbye to Destin. We all had such a good time though that we are already marking our calendars for the next Hottie Beach Fest!






This was also a memorable trip in that Steve was left alone with both girls for the longest time yet. He handled it pretty darn well, although I know he was relieved when I finally walked back in the door! Here are some of the pictures he sent me throughout the trip - thank goodness for cell phone pictures!

Steve told Anna that the cake was for Shoe, our fish, because it was his birthday. Which backfired when she spent the rest of the weekend trying to feed poor Shoe fistfuls of chocolate cake!!







Til next time, Destin!


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