Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Culinary Summer Sendoff

A couple of weeks ago, I came to the realization that Fall was just around the corner. Although I never ever ever miss the heat, I will actually be sad to say goodbye to the summer months this year - a true rarity for me, haha. We have had such a leisurely, enjoyable summer and despite the inevitable stressful moments, it really was a relaxed and pleasant season.

Anyway, I found myself wanting to have one last true savor of the summer season, and I put my culinary mind to work to come up with the perfect Summer send-off meal. My mind kept settling on a hand pie (which is so random because we never even eat hand pies, but whatever) and I decided that you couldn't find a more summery hand pie than a Georgia peach hand pie. So with that dessert as my anchor, I rounded up a few more recipes on Pinterest and put my girls to work.

We finalized our menu with a grilled salmon with tomato and basil main dish. Steve ended up having a late night at work so this was also my very first time grilling - and I managed to not burn the house down so woot! The salmon dish was PERFECT - we used basil from our herb garden, ripe tomatoes from Publix because they don't have deer issues, and freshly chopped garlic. I served it up the first time with a side of roasted garden vegetables, but I have also since served it with a side of roasted asparagus and couscous.

 Anna helped me with the pies and oh my goodness, guys, she was so tickled by this process. I got everything ready and pastry-cuttered up, and she helped me with the rolling pin, pie filling, and crust crimping . I will never in a million years forget the joy on her face as she spilled flour all over my kitchen and as she polished off the leftover cinnamon-coated peaches. What fun!!

Steve was so surprised by these pies - who knew that this simple little recipe could bring him so much delight? I fully plan to make this recipe again for the fall, but with some Georgia orchard apples.  (By the way, do you want a great fall song? Check out "Helplessness Blues" by the Fleet Foxes...definitely one of my crisp air screened-in porch favorites).

This meal ended up being such a wonderful Summer send-off...bon voyage to our wonderful summer, but bring on the fall!!


Atlanta, Food and Love said...

YUM! Will you post the recipe for the pies? They look so good!

Sarah said...

it should be linked in there but here it is just in case! I found it on Pinterest.