Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Disney Day Four - Last Day!

Our last day at Disney found us back at Animal Kingdom to try to get Anna on Kali River Rapids, one of the rides that she had now met the height requirements and could try (the Barnstormer coaster at Magic Kingdom was the other one but I think those pictures are on Steve's phone. I'll have to find those later).

SuSu had offered to keep Maddie back for a relaxing morning at the hotel and I was so happy we took her up on the offer, this was the hottest day so far and we had such a good time getting to focus on Anna Bean.



Steve had been so excited to take Anna on this ride, and he bombarded me with sales pitches leading up to the trip trying to convince me to let her go on it. She, of course, loved it and got a kick out of seeing everyone else get wet too on the river.




While everyone else jumped on Everest, I took Anna for an ice cream cone break in the shade and found her another bubble gun. That combination put some pep back in her step!

It's fun to watch other kids get excited about the bubbles too. Magic for everyone!


One more spin on the River Rapids


Hands up!


After another afternoon at the pool, we joined Poppy and SuSu for dinner and drinks in their hotel room before going on to Magic Kingdom for the night.


Maddie loved these light-up leis.




 Dancing with Hayley

Anna took a picture with her Aunt Kristy


This night at Magic Kingdom ended up not being one of the better ones. There was a massive traffic jam at the castle because of some fireworks show and the entire park was gridlocked. We've all been to Magic Kingdom probably a dozen times over the last ten years and we've never seen it gridlocked like that. It was stressful but we ended up getting Anna on the Pirates ride and then SuSu and Poppy took the girls back to the hotel to give us some free time. Steve and Kristy and Brad and I seized the chance to ride our favorites - Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain. It was a fun way to close out our Disney adventure and we have come back ready to enjoy the rest of our Fall here in Atlanta.

Thank you Poppy and SuSu for such a wonderful trip! It's not often we get to spend time with the entire family at the same time nowadays and it was such a treat to have everyone together again. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon and Anna is already planning our next trip to Disney!

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