Friday, October 25, 2013

Farmhouse in the City

The girls and I ventured to a new place (for us, at least) to meet our friend Tammy and her daughters Reagan and Madison. Tammy suggested this adorable little place called Farmhouse in the City for our play date and we were happy to give it a try. I had seen it mentioned on various activity calendars and meetup events, but didn't know much about it.



Farmhouse in the City ended up being the perfect place for Anna and both girls had a wonderful morning. It's essentially a small house on the outskirts of historic downtown Roswell, and the owner has converted it into a play space and children's art studio. Each room has different crafts, toys, costumes, and art supplies. The walls are painted cheerful colors, the floors are covered in paint splatters, and there are even animals roaming about.


Anna kept sneaking peeks at the other big kids who were there, I thought it was so funny how she tried to be all secretive about it.



Anna was particularly interested in a little kitten who turned the morning into a perpetual game of hide-and-seek. It is a good thing that the owner didn't offer to send the cat home with us because I'm not sure I would have had the heart to say no!!



Anna picked out a ceramic frog to paint. Reagan opted for a canvas.



It was a fun day out and we were so happy to spend it with our dear friends!

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