Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby's First Haircut!

I had been getting the feeling for a while now that Anna's hair could probably use a trim, but this silly sentimental mommy couldn't bear to cut those sweet little baby curls. I have a feeling they are gone for good now, but she generally refused to let me put it up in a ponytail and her hair was starting to look pretty frazzled.


Finally one afternoon, I packed up the girls and took them to a little salon nearby that specializes in children's haircuts.



Anna got a kick out of getting to pick her special seat (she picked the race car, if you can't tell) and she sat very still for the hair stylist.


Maddie helped by taking off her socks.



The stylist finished off her cut with cute hair bows, and then I let Anna pick out a new bow to add to our collection. She picked orange and white, and I'm sure Steve is proud - of course she insisted on wearing it right away!



The salon even saved all of her curls in a little keepsake bag, and gave us a "Baby's First Haircut" certificate. I guess we're a little late to the game, haha.


Anna is thrilled with her new hair cut and she loves letting me brush it...and you should have seen her beam when her teachers gave her a bunch of compliments the next day at school!



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