Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Pumpkin Painting Porch Party (and other Halloween adventures!)

We had a very busy month for October and so our Halloween festivities were fairly limited, but Anna seemed to really "get" it this year so we wanted to do something a little extra! So on a last-minute whim one day, we loaded up into the car and journeyed to that great pumpkin patch known as Kroger to pick out some pumpkins.


Look at that goofy face!

Carving pumpkins is obviously something out of the reach of the average 3 year old, and quite frankly it's beyond my artistic scope as well, so while we were at Kroger we also loaded up on non-toxic paint.

Steve and Anna also found Cadbury Screme eggs, did y'all see those too this year??

We set the kids up on the porch and let them paint to their hearts' content.






Steve and Anna's pumpkin (all of the pumpkins turned into Anna's pumpkin)



Sarah's pumpkin. There's actually a story behind this:

As my fellow Atlantans know, we had a very hot and humid and rainy summer, and apparently that is the perfect combination for spiders. We had such trouble this year keeping the spiders out of all of our window corners, especially outside of our breakfast nook windows. So anytime we would go outside, I would remind Anna "Don't touch the spiders!". It became part of Anna's daily routine to remind everyone not to touch the spiders, and we would always bid adieu to the spiders anytime we pulled out of the driveway - "Bye spiders!". Well...then this happened (I censored just a teeny bit):

So the next morning at breakfast, I told Anna that maybe one day she would be out in the yard (or in our basement) and she might see a snake, and she shouldn't try to touch the snake, she should just run away and tell Mommy or Daddy. She looked at me very seriously and said "Okay Mommy, don't touch the snakes". We are now reminded by Anna, on a pretty frequent basis, not to touch the spiders and not to touch the snakes, so it seemed appropriate to have a snake and spider pumpkin this year!!


Our neighbor dropped off monster treat cups for the girls, how cute are these!

This post ended up being longer than I thought it would so I will post costume and Trick or Treating pictures tomorrow- Happy Halloween!

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