Sunday, December 8, 2013

A 30th Birthday Celebration

I turned 30 years old on Friday and welcomed it with open arms. I thoroughly enjoyed my 20's but am even more excited for my 30's!


Steve helped plan a special day to celebrate, and then friends stepped in to help make the party last all weekend (as all birthday parties should, right?).

We started out my birthday with a trip back to the Atlanta aquarium. We had been annual pass holders for several years but let it lapse, and we finally took the plunge back into it after having such a successful time at the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg. We had a great time although our reviews were a little mixed on the new dolphin show. I was also pleased to see that the Georgia Aquarium had also added in a small, slightly more private area to breastfeed since the last time I was there (it's in the restroom connected to the cafe area, towards the back...or maybe it's always been there but that's certainly the first time I have ever seen it).










Waving to the whale sharks.


The aquarium had a Santa station where your kids could pose for pictures and whisper Christmas wish lists, but Maddie fell asleep right before we got in line.

We came home to beautiful flowers and strawberries from Poppy and SuSu! We also decided to do cake early so our girls could participate too. Anna had been talking about singing the birthday song and blowing out candles all week, so we didn't want to disappoint her!



Steve and I finished the day with an honest-to-goodness date night, with a babysitter and everything! Thank you to Melissa for the wonderful sitter recommendation. We enjoyed a night up at the Mall of Georgia, which involved too many margaritas at the new Tin Lizzy's Cantina and then some birthday shopping.

My birthday was extended into the weekend with a lunch date with Kathryn, and then a Christmas shopping spree with my friend Oleks. I am a lucky gal to have such wonderful friends and family who were so willing to celebrate with me! Thank you everyone too for all of the Facebook birthday wishes and calls and texts - I am a happy birthday girl!

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Becca said...

How's 30 feeling? I'm pretty excited to turn 30 in a few days as well! ;) Looks like you had an awesome birthday celebration!