Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Extreme Makeover, Home Gym Edition

When December started rolling around, Steve started asking what I wanted for my birthday and for Christmas. He wanted to do something extra-special since it was my 30th birthday, and finally I told him that although I loved his awesome gift ideas, what I reeeeeeally wanted was a workout room makeover. I have very much missed being able to work out at the YMCA ever since my seizure, and it's been hard going from exercising almost every day to virtually not at all. We were fortunate to already have an elliptical machine, a few DVDs, and a few hand weights, but the room down there was dated, dusty, and taken up with a massive 10 year old TV.

I was thrilled when Steve said he was totally on board. We had been planning to re-do the entire basement anyway next year as our main house focus, and he thought it was a great idea to go ahead and bump up the workout room so I could use it. I found an inspiration picture on Pinterest, told him what kinds of exercise I wanted to do, and helped him pick out paint colors. The rest was all him, and I am ecstatic with how it turned out. It's clean and bright, so energetic and fresh!

Our inspiration picture:

 Our finished result:





 We purchased a new flat screen TV for the wall and a new book case to hold the DVD player and my weights and DVDs. I also added a few pieces of Pilates equipment like a resistance ring, and my sister very thoughtfully bought me some Zumba stuff for Christmas that I am excited to put to use! We also put in large foam gym mats to cover up the awful carpet. We eventually plan to put in mirrors on the wall behind the TV.

Steve also had the beyond-brilliant idea to turn the room next to our gym room into a second play room for the girls. Theoretically, the girls could play and be happy and safe while I exercised, giving me the freedom to work out at any point during the day. I loved the idea!


We painted the walls pink and moved some of their favorite bigger toys down to their new room. It helped free up some space in their main floor play room, and they also have enjoyed the change of scenery. I love having the bigger toys down there because it is easy to keep tidy. We installed baby gates that can't be opened, so both girls are contained. The carpet will eventually be pulled up and replaced with tile, and we are hoping to get at least that room tiled soon, even if we can't get to the rest of the basement until the summer.




I have three workouts under my belt now in our new space, and the girls behave better with each new workout. Anna likes to hang out at the gate and help the DVD count down exercises, and I am happy to compromise by putting on Daniel Tiger or Sesame Street while I hop on the elliptical after a workout DVD. We have also moved down a few more things since I took the pictures, like their big bean bag chairs and a few more requested toys.

I love our new spaces SO much and am so thankful to Steve for pulling this all together for me. And it makes me excited to tackle the rest of the basement!

Paint colors:

White: Behr Divine Pleasure
Orange: Behr Orange Spice
Pink: Behr Strawberry Mousse
Stencil: Marrakech Trellis from Cutting Edge Stencils

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Kathryn said...

It looks so good! When can I come over and workout?