Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thredup Review

This post is waaaaay overdue too but real posts, with actual words? Who has time for that anymore? Haha. Anyway, last year I had several friends mention a website called, which is like an online consignment sale for kids' clothing. I love shopping consignment sales, although I rarely get the chance to do it, and I also enjoy visiting one of my favorite kids' consignment stores near my house to find clothes for the upcoming season.

One night, my friend Laura passed along a code to get a $10 credit for new customers, so I finally created an account and started shopping for some more summer dresses for Anna. Thredup for sure has a vast inventory, but I do find it pretty cumbersome to sort through, even when setting filters for size and brand names. They have cute stuff though, so it's worth some time to sit down and wade through the pages if you are trying to add a few things to your kiddo's wardrobe. I did find the prices to be a little higher than I would expect at my local consignment store.

The next day, I received a notification that Thredup had sent me a refund. I was a little dismayed because I thought maybe one of Anna's "new" dresses weren't available, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got the shipment that week that had all the dresses included! Thredup had included a note that said their team had found a small flaw on one of the dresses that hadn't been noticed when they bought it, so they had fully refunded my purchase price and they sent along the dress anyway. I wouldn't have even noticed it if they hadn't pointed it out, so that was a major mark to their business in my book!

These dresses have been among Anna's favorites, and I plan to give Thredup another perusal in time for this summer.


Selling to Thredup, however, was a different story. I recognize that this is a relatively new business, and I am sure that they have streamlined the process since I sent in my bag late last year, but I do want to share my experience. In my delivery of Anna's dresses, they sent along this big plastic polka-dot bag for me to send in clothes to sell. I have very little patience for selling/consigning baby stuff to begin with, so I was immediately dismissive of it, but then as I thought about writing a review of this site I figured I should give it a go just to see what happens. I filled the bag to the brim with brand-name, worn-maybe-one-time items like Ralph Lauren, Baby Gap, Gymboree, etc. Some of it still had tags. The bag had pre-paid postage, and all I had to do was seal it up and drop it off at the post office.

I got an email a few days later saying that they had received my bag. But they were so backlogged with other bags that they took TWO MONTHS to get to my bag and to pick through what they wanted. They kept sending emails about it with discount codes as an apology. Finally, when they sent a credit to my account, I logged in and just had to laugh at what I saw. A bag full of clothes and 2 months worth of emails and discount codes was apparently worth $3.50. They had picked ONE thing out of that entire bag to sell, and the kicker is that by the time I logged on to look at what they had bought, it had already sold, so obviously my stuff wasn't completely worthless. I have no idea what happened to the rest of the clothes, I assume they donate it to some kind of charity and write it off on their taxes.

Long story short, absolutely go on there and shop if you want to add some clothes to your family's wardrobes (they have women's stuff now too), but I think that there are much better options to selling your old items. I would so much rather go through a local consignment store, or just donate it all in one efficient bundle to a local thrift store or family shelter and save myself the headache.

If you have used ThredUp I would love to hear your experiences, too!

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