Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bike Tikes

A couple of weeks ago, we teased Anna over breakfast that we had a surprise planned for that sunny Saturday. She was highly intrigued the entire way to the store, and never guessed the surprise until we turned the corner to see a big rack of big girl bikes. Her face lit up like it was Christmas and she immediately started trying to pick her favorite one.


The store had a pretty small selection of the bikes in stock so it was pretty easy to make a decision. We ended up going with a 16" tire size (the bike in the above picture is 12" tire size, and it was way too small). Anna was over the moon and rode her new bike all the way up to the cash register.

Happy girl!

We let Maddie pick out a little toy too and she picked this Doc McStuffins dress up kit. She loves it but it was the bane of our existence because the girls squabbled over that damn thing the entire day!!


I was impressed with how quickly Anna caught on to the new pedaling position (vs. her tricycle), and she has had fun reciting "Forward, GO! Backwards, STOP!" to us.

Maddie finally got to inherit the bigger tricycle - which was our main motivation for splurging on a bicycle now instead of waiting for her birthday. She seems much happier with her "new" ride!






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