Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Hairy Situation

Anna has really been into "big kid" art projects, and was overjoyed when I bought her a pair of preschool scissors to practice with at home. She only was allowed to use them when I would sit down with her at the table, and we had multiple (MULTIPLE) conversations about how we only cut paper - not hair, not skin, not clothes, not Kingsley.

One day I was in the shower and Anna somehow managed to get into my desk area, procure herself a pair of scissors, and cut herself some bangs. So we can go ahead and knock that one off of the universal childhood bucket list!

I shared this picture on Maddie's birthday post but this is the best picture I have of her "bangs".

I enlisted the pros to help me fix it, and took her to my hair salon. Anna was very entranced by Miss Mary and felt like such a grown-up. And my heart absolutely melted when Mary asked her how she wanted her hair to look, and she said "I want my hair to be pretty like Mommy's". Swoon!


Mary worked wonders getting Anna's hack job blended and layered and blow-dried. Anna was totally intrigued with the wonders of the salon and keeps asking to go back. I am sure we will go back soon - Anna's bangs are growing out and she's currently in this sheep-dog phase where her hair is constantly in her face but she won't keep a hair clip in or let me put it in a ponytail. Thank goodness for Frozen

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