Friday, September 26, 2014

Playing in the Dirt Again: Succulent Edition

With the weather cooling off, I turned my attention to our fall garden. Our summer garden was such a disappointment this year, and I was especially frustrated because this was the first year I really got involved, being not pregnant and not loaded down with babies. I hear from other friend gardeners that their gardens weren't successful either so I'm not giving up!!

While the girls and I were doing our seedling shopping, I walked past a display of succulent plants and found myself stopping to look. Succulent arrangements have been a popular project on a lot of the home DIY blogs that I like to read, and they all swear up and down that it's almost impossible to mess up a succulent. Well, challenge accepted, haha. I was drawn to this mostly for the immediate gratification of having a pretty arrangement while I wait for our garden to grow. I will have to keep you all posted on how these last!

I don't know how much y'all know about succulents but I learned through this project that they are in the same category as cacti. Google tells me that over-watering and inadequate drainage are the two biggest mistakes with these, so I tried to make sure to set everything up for success.

I found the dish on super-sale at Target and my handy husband drilled a large hole into the bottom of the dish for me. It's a stoneware dish so if you decide to drill your own, make sure you have the right drill bit. Steve was able to use some kind of bit that he bought for the glass for his fish tank so he didn't have to buy a new one.

Apparently cactus soil is the best kind to use for these projects, but Home Depot didn't have any in stock so I used normal potting soil and mixed in Perlite to better mimic the cactus soil.

I laid a coffee filter across the hole in the dish, and added a layer of pea gravel to help improve drainage. Then I added in my faux-cactus soil.

Now for the plants! Aren't they pretty?

Supposedly the plants like being packed in together...I think I could have actually bought a couple more and maybe I'll add a few later. I also opted to add a few pea pebbles to to the top just to add some visual interest to it and to break up the green and brown.

This plant is my favorite!

All together this project took me about 15 minutes to pull together, not including the shopping. Not too shabby for this black-thumbed gardener! We have the arrangement on our kitchen table and it makes me proud and happy to see it front and center during our meals.

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