Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tongue Twisters

Observing your children learn and develop their language can be one of the most fascinating (and hilarious) parts of parenthood. I am constantly blown away at what the girls pick up just from everyday conversations and I love hearing their vocabularies grow along with their imaginations!


Both of my girls are total chatterboxes and there are more than a few adorable mispronunciations. I wanted to capture a few of them here! This might have to be one of those running-list posts because I know I'm forgetting some, and the girls always seem to find some new ones to add.

Keesey = Kingsley
Kissy = Kristy
Memon = Watermelon
Mamaytos = Tomatoes
Sickles = Popsicles

Vananilla = Vanilla
Hoopsies  = LaLaLoopsies
Alligator = Elevator
Astronaut = Restaurant (these two are especially funny because she knows "alligator" and "astronaut" properly in context, so I don't know why there's confusion with these)
Tinkerbelt = Tinkerbelle

Anna also has two specific sentences that crack me up whenever I hear them. The first one started one Saturday when we pulled up to the YMCA parking lot and it was almost completely full. I said "Wow, there are a lot of people here today. What's going on?" For some reason, Anna liked that phrase so now if I ever mention that a place is crowded, she will chime in with "Whats-a goin' on here!!" It is so funny and cute that I'm always trying to subtly prompt her into saying it just so I can hear it again.

The other one that I think originated from Daniel Tiger and is generally shouted very enthusiastically, "Let's do it togethers!" The plural tickles me every time. 

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