Friday, September 26, 2014


One of the nearby towns hosted a Touch-A-Truck event a few weeks ago and my sister and my nephew came with us to explore the festival. It was HOT and crowded but we managed to have a good time anyway!

The kids all enjoyed their snow cone treats. The snow cone truck has all of the syrup flavors on the side so the kids could put their own flavors know they got a kick out of that!

Cutie pies.

I was so impressed with all of the volunteers at this festival. It was all construction companies and city employees and they were SO enthusiastic, excited to be there, and engaging with the kids. Some of the guys even had their kids there helping, and their kids were so happy being able to show off their knowledge of the trucks and construction techniques. It's a little funny to see burly construction guys filling up balloons and handing out bead necklaces but they were having a blast and the kids were too!

We got waylaid when Anna spotted a face painting station. It was so hot and the line was slow, so I threw every bribe I could think of Anna's way to convince her to skip the face painting (I had already said she could do it, rookie mistake) but she held strong.

Admiring herself in the mirror.

Maddie very sweetly put her hand in mine and whispered if she could get her face painted too. How could I say no!

Maddie told the artist that she wanted one just like Anna's.

The festival had a little petting zoo set up in the corner so of course the girls wanted to go see the animals!






I had to laugh when my chatterbox daughter starts talking to the firefighters. She launches into some story of how "one time our house caught on fire and the firetrucks came and put out the fire with a tall ladder!" The firefighter looked over at me and said "Really?" and I had to say "No, that's never happened by any stretch of the imagination." I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff sometimes!!

We had such a wonderful time at the Touch-A-Truck festival and we were glad that Allyson and Danny could join us. We've already got our calendars marked for next year!

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