Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Disney Days! Part Three

Tuesday morning we woke up and headed over to Animal Kingdom. There is a lot for the little kids at Animal Kingdom and every time we take the girls, we find something new to do.

The girls were tickled by the Bug's Life show. It's a 3-D show and it was hilarious watching Anna trying to catch all of the butterflies.



Maddie took a tumble and scraped her knee. Anna declared herself to be the doctor and patched her sister right up - it was so cute to watch!


The day got hot and the girls were cranky, so we packed up and were heading out of the park when we got this text message from Poppy and SuSu:

The construction crews on the floor above us at the Swan hotel found what turned out to be a hoax bomb. We were getting the narration of the SWAT team and police press conferences over text messages and since we couldn't get back into our hotel room anyway, we camped out with some cold beers and lunch. And then when we got the news that it wasn't just an unattended package that turned out to be nothing, but a legit hoax bomb, I nope'd us right out of that situation and we transferred ourselves to a different hotel. We were able to get last-minute reservations at a resort we've never stayed at before, called Caribbean Beach. It was fantastic and perfect for the kids - and to make up for the headache of having to move us and all of our luggage, we ended up extending our reservations for an extra night.

The girls had such a blast at the Sunday night Halloween party that we ended up getting tickets for the Tuesday night party too.




Anna was REALLY into the Speedway ride at Magic Kingdom, which kind of surprised me. She would hop in line the second she could rope somebody into going with her, and lucky for her, Maddie was tall enough to ride too!



These penny-presser coin machines were a godsend at Disney. Anna is very inconsistent with public restrooms - she hates the automatic flush sensors, and she also doesn't deal well with the loud toilets, so going to the bathroom at Disney was off to a very rocky start. Finally, out of desperation one of the days early in our trip, I told her that if she went potty like a big girl at the park, she could press a penny in the coin machine. THANK YOU DISNEY FOR HAVING SO MANY COIN MACHINES!!! I loaded up our bookbag with quarters and pennies and Anna now has quite a collection of pressed pennies from all of the different parks. She is so proud of them and I plan to put them in a frame in her room.

Post-lunch skeeball break at Hollywood Studios

Anna was very curious about why we switched hotels and luckily for us, this awesome wading pool at Caribbean Beach quickly put a stop to the questions. There was also a full-sized pool right next to it with a big water slide that the girls quickly discovered. Needless to say, we spent quite a bit of time here over the next couple of days!




Steve and Maddie on Dumbo



We started out our last day at Disney by going back to Animal Kingdom - my demands for an iced coffee after a late night lucked the girls into some blueberry muffins for breakfast. Happy campers!

One of Anna's latest "things" is saying "Your majesty!" and leaning over to a bow/curtsy. I don't know what movie she got it from but it's really cute.

The girls were excited to meet Daisy - especially Maddie, which really surprised me!

It was hot that day so we didn't stay for long, but we did squeeze in a few rides. Maddie and I stayed in Dino-land while Steve and Anna braved the big Dinosaur ride.

Maddie and I sought some refuge from the heat in the air conditioning of the nearby gift shop. Maddie ran right over and picked up her new friend Daisy - she put it back very nicely when I said we weren't buying anything but she was so smitten with it that I ended up buying her the same doll at the hotel shop. I'm such a sucker.



We ate lunch at the pizza restaurant at Animal Kingdom, and we scored a table in the shade on the patio. There was a group of ducks that were like the bird versions of Kingsley - they scavenged around on the patio, begging at every table and making the rounds based on who had the most food left on their trays. The girls were so amused and kept close tabs on their feathered friends. The funniest thing about it was that the Americans viewed them as pests, and all of the international people thought it was amazing and kept feeding them and taking their picture and letting the ducks bite their hands.


See? Not kidding with the coin machines.

The girls got brave and waited under the big bucket of water at the wading pool.


Our last night was at Epcot and it was kind of a disaster because Anna was so tired and in meltdown mode, but at least I got some cute pictures out of the night!





Pretty girl!

All packed up the next morning and ready to go home.

Thank you Disney and the Forbes family for such wonderful new memories - travel guide Anna is already planning out our next trip!

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