Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Fun!

Steve was out of town last weekend and I had been casting around for something fun to do with the girls, when I realized that there was a local Scarecrow Festival going on that day! That sounded much more manageable than trying to wrangle both girls at soccer practice so we threw on some outfits and got ourselves out the door.

I love getting to these events right at the beginning, or even beforehand just because parking gets hard and the events get crowded so quickly. We lucked out today getting there in plenty of time, so we explored the connected farmer's market while we waited for the festival.


It was quite a chilly morning so I agreed with Anna's idea for hot chocolate. We found some pumpkin bread to go along with the drinks and plopped ourselves down for the girls to enjoy their snack.






There was this big scarecrow walking around and Anna got a massive kick out of him. I was surprised because I thought she would be scared, but she ran right up to him, gave him a high five, and was excited to pose for a picture. The whole time we were at the festival she would interrupt what we were doing to ask where the big scarecrow was...I would look around and point him out and Anna would be thrilled to see her "friend" again!

The catalyst for the festival are the streets full of decorated scarecrows - local groups and elementary school classes create their own scarecrows and they line the streets of the downtown area with them. There were actually several Olaf snowmen but this was the easiest to take a picture with, so when the girls asked I happily obliged.

There was an arts and crafts station where the girls could decorate little pumpkins or put together owls or scarecrows.



There was a huge area with plenty of chalk for the little kids to draw pictures. We stopped by this area for a while before the girls hopped into one of the inflatable jump houses.


On our way back to the car, we passed a Wolf scarecrow with the three little pigs. Anna has been highly aware of wolves lately, mostly through Little Red Riding Hood and the Frozen and Beauty and the Beast wolves scenes. She asked to take a picture with this one too, so we stopped our walk for a quick snap.


This festival was such a fun thing for us girls to do together and I am so glad we went because it got me excited for fall. I was off to a slow start to it, I admit...Steve's been working an insane amount, we're still settling into our new school schedule, and the weather tends to come and go in terms of fall temperatures. I loved being out in a crisp morning with my beautiful girls, surrounded by fun and community and fall festivities.

We decided to wrap up the weekend with some more fall fun with our annual pumpkin painting. I finally ventured into Aldi for the first time when Google told me it was the cheapest place to buy pumpkins ($2.99 per pumpkin, heck yeah) and we bought six pumpkins for the girls to paint and put on our front porch.






Maddie trying to do her hand print too


We have two more pumpkins to paint to add to our fall porch, and in the meantime we've been soaking up the sunshine and cool temps, collecting acorns and red and yellow leaves, and keeping our eyes out for scarecrows. And watching a football game, or two. Happy Fall, y'all!

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