Friday, December 26, 2014

Deck the Halls!

We gave our holiday decor collection a bit of a refresh this year, and of course the girls added some decorations of their own!

I know this is really blurry but it was the best I could get with the lights on!

My one Pinterest project this year and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Our foyer table, complete with Anna's elf.

Our DIY advent calendar, with Maddie's footprint reindeer art. The girls got a major kick out of their December morning routine - every morning after their wake-up clock turned green, they would dash downstairs to see what was in their calendar pouch for the day. We had filled them up with little chocolates, small toys, and cards with experiences on them like an ice cream cone, a special art project, etc. Then they would run into the living room/kitchen area and search out their elf, Belle, to see if they could find her new hiding spot. It was so cute to watch because their excitement lasted through the whole month.

The front foyer. This tree is just the right height for the girls so they enjoyed decorating this one...I let them pick out their favorite ornaments from the boxes. And of course, our new "wishing star" that Anna insisted on adding to our holiday decor this year.

Our Elf on the Shelf, Belle. We never did anything particularly creative with her - we just found a new spot for her every night. And there were plenty of mornings that we woke up and realized we never moved her, so we would invent an excuse to run downstairs really quickly before the girls came down.


Anna's manger footprint art.

Our fridge covered with Christmas art and Christmas cards. We actually added a whole extra layer of cards since I had taken this picture - it makes me happy that so many people think of us for the holidays and I am also glad that we actually sent some out too this year!

The mistletoe is the same as last year but I had to include it because the girls spent the whole month running underneath it and saying "Uh oh!!! I'm under the mistletoe!!!!" and giggling up a storm when we would run over and give them kisses.

Cutie pie candy cane ornament

Every year, the girls get a new ornament to add to their own little collection. This year, they each got an Elsa ornament. This truly was the year of Frozen so it seemed appropriate!

This train was the bane of my existence this month but Steve is very proud of it. He built the whole platform and has several ramps and tunnels. Every year we plan to add to it, and Steve plans to make actual landscape with it. I would love to make it look like a Christmas Who-ville but we'll see what we have in mind next year!

Anna's class with a Christmas message. She loves looking at this picture and naming all of her friends.

And a teensy bit late but a heartfelt message all the same - Merry Christmas from our family to yours and all the best wishes for a happy new year!

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Kathryn said...

How'd you make your ornament wreath? I tried one with a coat hanger and the ornaments kept popping off. I didn't try gluing the tops on.