Monday, June 1, 2015

Beach Babes

A few weeks ago my sister Allyson and my dear friend Kristyn and I journeyed down to a delightful little place called Rosemary Beach, in Florida. Kristyn had suggested it when we first started planning, and the stars aligned for us to rent a perfect condo.

Rosemary Beach is a planned community, so everything is very organized, impeccably landscaped, and very well-run. I joked that it seemed like the Disney of beaches. This is the alley that we walked down from our condo to get to one of the small town circles, where there are a couple of restaurants, beach shops, and offices.

One of the hotels on the town square, isn't it pretty?
A row of restaurants and shops. There was also a toy shop from which the girls benefited nicely, with a mermaid puzzle and a mermaid board game.


The trip was full of jokes, like shopping for $70 beach towels, $30 cups, sharks, cacklers, grumpy tram drivers, and being offered half-eaten chicken salad sandwiches on the beach.

After two days of being total beach bums, we took an afternoon trip down 30A to Seaside, where we had been last year. Seaside is such a charming little beach town, and we enjoyed our afternoon of shopping and snacking. And iced coffee in disintegrating paper cups.
I had a picture with Allyson and me but my hair was all in my face. Sorry Allyson :-)
The Seaside town square has a row of food trucks along the front, so we all treated ourselves to a grilled cheese sandwich.
This bag made me laugh - it was from a doughnut place that we stopped at for breakfast on our way out back to Atlanta. They are basically saying "Don't die in the ocean so you can come back and eat more doughnuts!". The ocean was actually at red flags the whole time we were there - the waves and currents were literally knocking us over!!
It was a relaxing and perfect weekend, and we are already plotting out our plans for next year! Where to next, ladies??

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Kristyn said...

We were on the same wavelength today! This was such a fun trip and you took way more pictures than I did! Did you add them to our shared folder yet? Let me know if you can/can't do that.