Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Danny!!

My nephew Danny turned three years old a couple of weeks ago! We were unable to make it to his actual birthday party since Steve wasn't in town to drive us, so we settled for having them over for a birthday play date. The girls were so excited about it, and helped me bake cupcakes for him and to wrap his presents.


I'm so glad the weather let us play outside! We have loved playing in our yard this spring and summer, but we have had the worst luck with it raining for every single play date we've had. I was happy the kids got to get out there and run around!

Allyson and Anna testing out one of Danny's new toys. He is really into superheroes right now!




I wasn't able to get a non-blurry picture of Daniel with his cupcake but Anna assures you that they were quite tasty.

Maddie approved too!

Anna made us laugh by running and getting her tea cakes, complete with a birthday candle too.


Happy birthday, sweet boy! You've brought us all three years of joy and we are excited for many many more! 

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